The Detroit Lions Can Win The SuperBowl……No Really

Detroit Lions Matthew Stafford

Oh, this post looks as though this will be some fun today….

So, I am not sad to say that I am a Detroit Lions fan, hardcore, all the way through. I was with this team when we went undefeated, when we went to the playoffs and lost to the Saints by seemingly 1000000000 points, saw Barry Sanders gain -1 yards in Green Bay, saw Paul Edinger knock us out of a potential playoff spot, and even saw the Lomas Brown game where we lost by another 300,000 point to the Eagles………oh yeah, Rodney Peete just threw ANOTHER touchdown pass on us.

But, today, I woke up with a revelation on my Lions. Today, dear friends, I realized that the Detroit Lions have the team THIS SEASON, to win the SuperBowl in New York/New Jersey in February. Of 2014, not 2114.

No, im not on drugs.

No, im not drunk.

No, I didn’t have amazing lovemaking that just messed up my thinking process. Lemme explain.

1) The Detroit Lions have a phenomenal offense, at least on paper.

This offseason, the team has done quite a few things to get stronger in the overall offensive game. The team started off by signing Reggie Bush from Miami, also from New Orleans Saints fame, USC Trojan fame, and Kim Kardashian boyfriend fame. Bush will be able to extend the defenses by catching balls out of the backfield, make cuts & take a swing pass into a 6-7 yard gain most plays. On top of that, Bush can carry the ball about 15-20 times a game, and with LeShore & Joique Bell, there is a 3-headed running game that will be very hard for teams to stop around the league.

If the team wants (which I think will be something they will entertain quite a bit) they will put Bush out at WR and let him blow the cover off the top of the defense and give another deep threat other than Calvin Johnson, also known in Michigan as “Megatron.”

With Stafford having long-term financial security and Johnson signed for the long-term, I just can’t see why we won’t have one of the top 5 offenses again in the NFL. Oh yeah, doesn’t hurt to have the big 6-7 TE from UCLA in Joseph Fauria, he is a sleeper, just trust me on that one.

2) Ndamakong Suh and Nick Fairley may be the top defensive-tackle combination in the NFL.

I have personally watched many games with these two going back to their days at Nebraska and Auburn respectively. Suh has been a beast in the NFL since his first day in the league. Yes, he is rough around the edges and yes, he has done some relatively stupid things in the league that has gotten the ire of the league and Roger Goddell, but I do believe that Suh has matured and that maturation phase will lead to him having as good, if not more, dominant season than he did in his rookie year when he looked like he was on his way to being one of the all-time greats already.

Fairley was dominant at Auburn, not as much flash as Suh, but has the power and the speed to be a true factor in the league. When you can be dominant in college in the SEC, in my opinion, you have the potential for great things at the next level. If these two can work as a run-stuffing, pass-rushing tandem, leaving the edge rushers to have a field day with 1-on-1 matchups, which will allow the linebackers to blitz more or even drop into more coverage to help out the secondary, the Lions defense will be very hard to deal with every week, and that include in games against the elite teams around the NFL.

3) Jim Schwartz’s legacy is on the line.

Mind you, the Schwartz has been one of the best coaches we have had in here since the Wayne Fontes era (doesn’t really say very much, but still, success), but its time for him to prove his worth by taking this team to the next level, winning with the talent that he has available right now. Schwartz may never have another chance to have the talent around him the way he does right now on both offense and defense, and while he can be very fiery and intense, the only way that Schwartz will be considered a complete success here is if this team goes deep into the playoffs, particularly getting to the SuperBowl. We will see if the Jim Schwartz era, and his style of coaching, can be something that can sustain the rest of the season and for the rest of his time in Detroit.

I do believe that Schwartz is the right guy to lead the Lions, but with rumors of Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly on the radar if Schwartz falters, the pressure is on more than ever, and I do believe that Schwartz is the guy to lead the Lions to the promised land, which will be Metlife Stadium in February.

This is going to be a make or break season for the Lions. The team was supposed to be a breakout team last season and they took at step back. They have upgraded at every position and have locked down the franchise players for years to come. It is SuperBowl or bust, and I think this is the year for the Detroit Lions to win SuperBowl 48.

Maybe this is a preview – [youtube]

Catch you guys later, and please leave your comments, thoughts or ideas you may have!

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