The Denver Broncos Need to Win the Superbowl for Peyton Manning and John Elway

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Peyton Manning
Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning.

In the next few days, NFL training camps will open across the league with players preparing for another great NFL season. While many players and teams are taken forgranted early in the season, pretty much after around Week 4 – there is a team in the league that for their sake, needs to win a championship – the Denver Broncos.

Now, the Broncos do have championships in the 90s and countless playoff appearances in their history with John Elway as quarterback, this season and total era of the Broncos franchise is far different than ever before. Last season, the Broncos were in the bidding for Peyton Manning, who had been cut in an emotional ceremony by the Indianapolis Colts after spending 14 seasons in Indy, rebuilding the franchise and giving it glory days not seen since titans such as Johnny Unitas roamed the sidelines.

John Elway
Hall of Fame QB & VP of the Denver Broncos John Elway.

When Manning was taking tours around the league to choose which team he would play for last season, the Broncos or the San Francisco 49ers, Manning was intrigued by Elway and his dedication to putting together a team that could win a championship. Many people were ready for Manning after the up and down Tim Tebow experiment of 2011, but bringing in Manning also increased the pressure on the franchise to win a Superbowl now, and for Manning’s overall legacy as a player and Elway’s legacy as the head of an franchise.

Peyton Manning has built an individual career that most players would only dream of having, throwing for 59,000 yards, 437 touchdown passes, leading the Colts to a Superbowl victory in his 2 tries with the organization, but for the league to remember his full legacy and to live up to full expectations, Manning has to win this season. With a defense anchored by stud Pro Bowl linebacker Von Miller and a receiving core of Eric Decker, Demarius Thomas and now having Wes Welker in the fold, essentially doing what Brandon Stokley does and has done for Manning for year, there is no reason, barring injury, that the Broncos should not win the Superbowl this upcoming season.

After last season’s collapse against the eventual Superbowl champion Baltimore Ravens, the Broncos have to be hungrier than ever, and no other executive may be as hungry as John Elway. Elway invested 3 years into Manning and this roster, but last season can be said that it was just a trial run, this year has to be it. Elway is quite possibly the most popular athlete ever in the state of Colorado, and even with having Manning at the helm of the Broncos now, Elway is considered by many as the face of the organization and the leader of the franchise. His Hall-of-Fame credentials are set as a player, but Elway needs a championship run as an executive to come full circle in his NFL life. He has invested a ton into this roster, and this is the time that either they have to put up or shut up.

With the league shaping up as is, this is not a prediction, that’s for another entry, but don’t be suprised if the Broncos, with the Ravens and Patriots possibly falling off, the Texans im not a full believer in and not being sure what the Steelers are going to be like, don’t be shocked, Denver, if you aren’t singing a famous John Denver song in February………Rocky Mountain High.

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