Ronda Rousey Is The Queen of the UFC

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The UFC is, without question, one of the fastest rising sports in the world. The sport is growing popularity each day due to the strong live earnings at arenas around the country, the strong following the UFC has on social media, the personalities of the fighters, and the amount of events the company puts on per year (at least 1 every 3 weeks). When you put in the UFC’s reality series, The Ultimate Fighter – a show where fighters live in a house for weeks and have competitions to win a UFC contract and a fight on a PPV broadcast, its hard to deny that the UFC is a force, and can be considered one of the major leagues in the United States.

Late last year, the UFC announced that they would have their first female fighter in the company, a beautiful woman by the name of Ronda Rousey. Rousey has had a strong career before her time in the UFC, fighting in Strikeforce, King of the Cage and as a Olympian in Judo.

Ronda Rousey UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey in action.

Ronda Rousey Ronda Rousey outside the octagon looking beautiful.

When Rousey had her first fight in the UFC earlier this year against Liz Carmouche, it was regarded as one of the most exciting fights in the UFC in many years. Many female MMA fights tend to bring more energy and passion into the cage than men, for what reason is anyone’s guess.

But it is clear that Rousey represents a new wave of MMA fans and a group that may have had a stigma in the MMA and sports community – women. Many times, you see the women at a UFC event looking very beautiful and sexy and look as though they could be a model. Many times, it was hard for fans to see a beautiful female be able to kick major ass in the actual octagon because female fights were not promoted heavily on the major MMA brand, UFC.

When Dana White announced that Rousey was going to be the first UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, it was a moment in not only UFC history, but also sports. The UFC has put a tremendous amount of faith in Rousey, a Riverside, California native who has a legit fighting background, and who has the nickname of “Rowdy” after WWE superstar “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, a popular performer in the 80s.

Ronda Rousey is the new trailblazer for ladies in this era. She has come into a truly male-dominated area and has ascended to the top of the main event card in the UFC and has been responsible for carrying an entire PPV-card, a massive accomplishment for ANY fighter, let alone a lady. Rousey represents the new wave of female fighters coming into the UFC world and it shows that you can be an extremely beautiful, sexy lady but can also switch it up and be an absolute beast in the octagon.

Before Rousey got her contract, the highest klout MMA fighter was a former Strikeforce champion Gina Carano. Carano was a dominant fighter in Elite XC and Strikeforce, but by the time Rousey came along, Carano had stopped fighting in MMA, did not end up signing in the UFC and had made a strong movie career, featuring in top Hollywood blockbusters such as Fast Six.

Rousey hasn’t branched over into the Hollywood game full-on yet, but I do believe that at some point, if her career continues at the upward trend that it is on, especially with the big fight coming up on December 28 against Miesha Tate, her competitor from the upcoming season’s Ultimate Fighther show on the new Fox Sports 1 network, Rousey will only become more popular with mainstream America and will be tempted even more to go into the film and television game.

For the UFC’s sake, they need to keep Rousey happy and keep her around, if for no other reason, making it cool, fun, and sexy to see strong, beautiful women who can take care of business and be as beautiful as they are aggressive and dangerous.

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