The NFL Doesn’t Want To Test for HGH

In the last few years, we have heard more than I would like to have ever known about performance-enhancing drugs such as steroids, andro, etc. We know they provide a major advantage to athletes in terms of performance and recovery, but there is one substance that is just now being tested for and one league in particular – the NFL – is dragging their feet on it big time. HGH.

HGH – for those who don’t know – stands for Human Growth Hormone. This hormone helps to accelerate recovery in the body as well as increase speed and stamina for athletes competing on a high level of sports. It leads to less fat mass and leaner muscle. It is also known to increase recovery time for athletes from injuries, which almost every professional athlete will have at some point or another. The negative impact includes possible side effects including development of carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle & joint pain, nerve damage, skin numbing, and growth of cancerous tumors.

While it has been documented that HGH does have positive and negative side effects, the NFL – quite possibly the most powerful sports league in the world – does not have an actual testing program for it, even though the league says that its illegal.

Yes, there are technical reasons and legitimate health concerns for why the NFL players can’t and shouldn’t be tested for it as MLB and Olympic athletes are, but my unprofessional reason is simply because it makes the players bigger and stronger, gives a huge advantage on the field of play, helps for a pay day, and helps for recovery.

Which all plays into one thing……………….money.

In my opinion, the NFL and the fans hold the players to high regards as if they were Roman Gladiators fighting to the death. Many fans don’t hold baseball players, basketball players or hockey players to that level. Football is seen by most in the United States as the ultimate sport with men being gladiators and people wanting to be them and watching them conquer and overcome – as heroes do.

That image, going with the fact that NFL players get hurt, injured and suffer more lifelong side effects from the game than any other sport will be exactly why HGH testing will take a while before its widely accepted in the league. If the league starts testing for it, and players actually come off of the substance, that means the image goes down and the idea of the “gladiator” goes away quickly.

There are some people in the media that believe (sometimes jokingly) that NFL players should be allowed to take substances because of the beating that their bodies take on a week to week basis and with so many players that have a hard time just walking up and down stairs at the end of their careers, the HGH and other drugs might help them to cope better. But with the game getting more and more violent by the day and the players getting bigger, faster and stronger, if an athlete dies on the field because of a hit, is that going to be the day that the NFL and the players finally realize that its better to be clean of these synthetics in sports rather than build the biggest machines ever?

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