NFL Lessons From Week 4

This week, we learned 3 valuable lessons in the NFL that told us quite a bit as we hit the end of the first quarter of the season: 

1) The Denver Broncos are looking absolutely unstoppable and may just walk to the SuperBowl.

Peyton Manning
Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning.

Peyton Manning led the Broncos to another dominating victory on Sunday, this time the victims were the Philadelphia Eagles. Manning threw another 4 TD passes, which leaves him with 16 TDs with as many interceptions as ive thrown in the NFL…….0. 

At this rate, the Broncos will be chillin with the #1 seed overall by Week 12, Manning may or may not be going for the single season TD passing mark, and should he sit, the biggest issue the Broncos will have is whether the players who secretly play fantasy football will convince Manning to play at least a half of football so they can lock down their fantasy championship. 

2) Reggie Bush has made the Detroit Lions a playoff contender.

Detroit Lions Reggie Bush
Detroit Lions RB Reggie Bush. 

For many years, the biggest issue in the Lions organization, outside of coaching and ownership, was the lack of a running game. This season, that has definitely changed with the addition of Reggie Bush. 

Bush has helped the Lions become the most balanced the team has been since the years of Barry Sanders breaking ankles in the 90s. Bush shows great cutting ability, a great pass catcher, and opens up the offense for playmakers such as Calvin Johnson. 

If the offense can stay as consistent as they have been an the defense is even just average, the Lions will be an 11-5 team and challenge for the NFC North championship. This week’s trip to Green Bay will tell a ton about this team. 

3. The Pittsburgh Steelers are actually………..rebuilding. 

Pittsburgh Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers are falling……can they get up in time
to save their season this week vs the Jets? 

Pittsburgh fans, I know this is foreign to all of you so im going to ask that you sit down, have a beer, chill for a second and really follow me on this………your team is absolutely garbage right now. 

But its okay, its the NFL and every team is going to go through ups and downs during their history. Luckily, the Steelers haven’t had many down times in their history, but the team has lost way too many weapons on both offense and defense, and Ben Roethlisberger does not look like himself and he doesn’t look the same since OC Todd Haley has come in. 

Ben needs a big play WR, which he lost when Mike Wallace left for Miami in the offseason. Antonio Brown is a great receiver, but hasn’t shown the consistency needed to be a big time WR yet. 

The leading rusher on the Pittsburgh Steelers has 74 yards. A team who has built their entire mantra on being physical and tough has Felix Jones only running for 74 yards in 4 games. 
And if you think that the defense is the same, keep in mind that the Bears, Vikings, Bengals, and Titans – offenses that are not in the upper tier of the NFL’s elite – have bullied and beat up on the Steelers team and has made them look weak and old, very quickly. 

This week, the Jets are coming up. The Steelers must get right this week and win or this is going to be a true rebuilding project. But it may not be the worst thing in the world. The Steelers have great talent already, maybe getting a great defensive player or big time wide receiver could lead to the team going back to glory, but this Sunday will tell the whole story. 

Those are our top lessons for Week 4. See you next Tuesday! 

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