What Should The Bulls Do Without Derrick Rose?

The Chicago Bulls learned on Saturday that PG & franchise player Derrick Rose is out for an indefinite amount of time because of a torn meniscus he suffered on Friday night against Portland. 

If Rose is out for the rest of the season or any significant amount of time, this is going to be a crushing blow to the Bulls chances of winning a championship, or being a playoff contender for that matter.  

The only way that the Bulls organization could withstand not having Rose for a substantial amount of time is actually do something that the team has been seemingly afraid to accomplish over the last few seasons – make a major trade. 

Many basketball fans have said for the longest time that Rose needed scoring help around him in order to actually succeed at leading the team to the NBA Finals and possibly win it. If I were a Bulls fan, I would want the team to look at the following moves – 

1) Trade Luol Deng for Pau Gasol 

2) Trade Carlos Boozer & Jimmy Butler for Carmelo Anthony & Metta World Peace or J.R. Smith. 

Either one of those moves (or maybe both) give the Bulls some strong scoring options and will actually allow Rose to heal up and get healthy and ready to return. 

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