NFL Snowstorms on East Coast Possible SuperBowl Preview

As many people know, there are have been horrible winter storms going on across the United States over the last week, & of course, it affected the NFL today in various cities. 

In Baltimore, Green Bay, & Philadelphia, snowstorms almost made the viewing conditions unbearable for NFL fans watching the games live or on TV. In Philadelphia, the Lions/Eagles game had as much as 8 inches of snow on the field during the game, which made conditions treacherous & led to sloppy football through various times of the game. 

That is the TV picture of how it looked today during the
Lions/Eagles game in Philadelphia. Could this be the
way SUPERBOWL 48 will look in February? 

While the conditions make us remember old NFL Films footage of what championship games like the Ice Bowl used to look like, it is not a good sign when this could be a preview of what the SuperBowl could look like. 

Superbowl 48 is going to be held at Metlife Stadium in New York/New Jersey in February, one of the coldest times of the year in the Northeast, & a ripe time for massive snowstorms (trust me, I live in the north, I have seen my share of snowstorms during that time of the year). 

The Superbowl is without question, the most popular sporting event in the United States & the most extravagant one-day sports event on Earth. Its a time for the NFL to show off the best that the league, its sponsors, & in many ways, what the country offers in terms of athletics & culture. By having a game in a possible snowstorm & in the cold no matter what, it hurts the idea & possible experience of the game. 

Most years, the game is held in warmer climates or at least in a dome, & yes, the early championship games were played outside, but the SuperBowl was not a mega entertainment & corporate event during that time. 

Many of us know that a big variety of the spectators at the game are corporate executives & not always the fans of the teams playing the game, but the SuperBowl is also about a lot of the fans coming into town for the atmosphere & the fun. While New York City is always a great place to enjoy whether its cold or warm, many people will most likely think twice about rummaging around NYC & New Jersey if its 15 degrees outside. 

I have belief in the NFL that they have a superior plan to deal with any potential issues, such as the plan that was floating around the net that should there be a storm, the league could push the game to Saturday or Monday, which could be the weirdest thing any of us have ever seen in our lives in sports. 

Ready for Superbowl Saturday? Actually…………kinda has a nice ring to it……

Anyway……….today opened my eyes to what could be an interesting February in the NFL on the biggest stage of all-time. 

Just hope that Bruno Mars doesn’t become an ice statue during his performance. 

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