NFL – Rob Gronkowski Out Again For New England Patriots

On Sunday, New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski tore his ACL & MCL & will be out for the rest of this season & its not certain of the All-Pro player will be ready for the upcoming season. 

With Gronk out, the Patriots will need to get another receiver, I believe. The Patriots are the masters of getting so much for so little out of their players, which is a testament to Tom Brady & Bill Belichick. This combination is one of the best coach/quarterback combos in NFL history in terms of winning championships & getting in position to win championships, but after a while, you just need to have pure talent to win. 

New England Patriots
New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski.

When the Patriots were winning SuperBowls & getting to Superbowls, the talent that the Pats had on both sides of the ball could at least compare with what teams had on the other side. Right now, the Patriots are using guys who are retreads & guys who the rest of the league probably forgot about, which is fine, but Gronkowski was the star receiver. 

Brady has used his tight ends more & more since guys like Randy Moss left the organization & was used to working with guys like Aaron Hernandez & Gronk. Well, Hernandez is locked up awaiting trial for murder, and Gronk is dealing with another long-term surgery procedure that in the NFL, is hard to be the same player you left as before the procedures.

And with so many in his career already, the question has to be asked – Will Rob Gronkowski be back to his regular form when he gets back to the Patriots next season? If he’s not, who can the Patriots sign that can hold them over until Gronk is back? 

With the upcoming draft, if I were the Patriots organization, you have to get Tom Brady some skill position help. He has young receivers, but he needs a strong, proven player to take some pressure off of him. Brady is having a great year, but he is aging & even the greatest need some help around them. When the defense was starting to slack a bit, the team went out and grabbed Aqib Talib & they were back to being a strong unit again, along with Belichick’s amazing sense of knowing where to put players to be in the best position to succeed. 

That will be the case with the offense. Many times this season, it has been caught on camera where Brady would lay into his wide receivers for dropping passes, running wrong routes, etc. They have Danny Amendola, but he isn’t the deep threat that the team truly needs to make the running game & short to intermediate passing game fly. 

Someone I could see fitting well into the equation is a player such as Vincent Jackson or Justin Hunter or if Andre Johnson gets despondent & tired of the craziness going on in Houston, he would be the type of player who would be worth a first & second round pick. 

No matter what, this is going to be one player loss that the Patriots must address with help for Brady if Belichick, Brady, Robert Kraft & the rest of the Patriots organization expect to get back & stay at a SuperBowl level. 

Never know, maybe while Gronk is rehabbing, he will find a woman that will be on our list of hottest sports wives & girlfriends at some point, if he hasn’t already. 

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