NFL – Detroit Lions Must Make Playoffs or Schwartz Has To Go

Talentwise, the Detroit Lions are an amazing team. They have the defense to dominate an offensive line, stop a running game & rush the passer. On offense, the team can go vertical with any team in the NFL, especially with having Calvin Johnson on the outside & the ability to put Reggie Bush in the slot. 

But the team has made to many lapses in big situations, & while the coaches don’t play the game, there has to be a fall guy when a team isn’t performing up to their potential, & for the Detroit Lions, that man will have to be Head Coach Jim Schwartz. 

Jim Schwartz
Detroit Lions Head Coach Jim Schwartz.

Schwartz has brought the Lions back from the doldrums with their playoff run in 2011 & the team has been incredibly competitive this year, but this is one of the few times that the Lions have been in position to win the NFC North Division & with the way that the season is playing out, if this team, with all of the talent that is available, with all of the breaks the team has received with injuries around the division, can’t make the playoffs & gain a home playoff game, the team has to look in a new direction for leadership. 

While Schwartz has brought the team back into prominence, some of his coaching decisions have left much to be desired. Yes, we know Schwartz likes to let people know that he isn’t “afraid” of going for the big play and all, but sometimes, its better to play things safe and take the odds rather than be a riverboat gambler. 

Some coaches are made to take their teams to particular levels and they can’t get past a certain point. The Detroit Lions are primed to win a SuperBowl – soon. I can’t say if Schwartz is or isn’t the guy to get there, but if he doesn’t get close now, he may not ever get close to the brass ring. 

The Lions & the fan base of the city of Detroit & the state of Michigan have suffered through so many losing seasons with the franchise, & with one playoff victory in 50 seasons, the time will never be better to get a world championship. The organization has to do everything they can to make this happen for this fan base, even if it is going to go & overpay for a coach who has the NFL Head Coach background & has the ability to lead a team to a SuperBowl. 

Someone such as……………Lovie Smith? Ken Whisenhunt? Mike Shanahan if he is let go from the Redskins? 

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