Tony Romo Has Back Surgery; Jason Garrett’s Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Job Saved?

Today, Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo had his back operated on after injuring it last Sunday in a game-winning drive against the Washington Redskins. That win helped to get to this weekend’s matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles for the NFC East Championship as well as a home playoff game in next weekend NFL Wildcard round. 

Tony Romo
Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo, who underwent back
surgery on Friday after injuring it in Week 16 against

But with Romo’s back making him inactive for the rest of the season, if the Cowboys lose, I believe that Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett should be given one more season, even though the team would have lost 3 straight games in the last 3 seasons that could have clinched the division. 

Jason Garrett
Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett has earned
the opportunity to have one more season in his position.

Much can be said about Garrett’s coaching style, or that he doesn’t always have control over the locker room, but many of the situations this season hasn’t always been on Garrett’s head. The meltdown in the Green Bay Packers game is understandable to rip him, but you can’t blame him for Romo throwing interceptions late, the offensive coordinator Bill Callahan calling ridiculous plays when the team should have clearly played conservative, and player mental meltdowns such as the ones that Dez Bryant had throughout the season. 

Garrett has had to weave through all of the crap that takes place on a regular basis to get the team to this point alone, which has to be taken into effect. When a team has an owner who butts in & is a celebrity in his own right (Jerry Jones), as well as the team’s general manager, a coach has a lot of pressure to deal with on a week-to-week basis. 

Garrett has helped to give quite possibly the only amount of stabilization in the organization right now. The team plays hard for him, while there may be differences through out the organization, he gets the best out of the Cowboys on Sundays in terms of effort. 

Where people could say that Garrett has struggled is the execution of the effort. The Cowboys have far too much talent to have had two seasons of 8-8 records, so in that sense, the idea of underachievement is definitely something to look at. But again, Garrett deals with more than most other coaches in the NFL on a regular basis & that alone should help him to have a chance to redeem himself, if the Cowboys don’t win this weekend. 

If the Cowboys do win this weekend, Garrett will be able to say that he led the team to a division championship on the arm of a backup quarterback who was an afterthought throughout the season because of the durability of Romo, in Kyle Orton. If the Cowboys lose this weekend, Garrett can say that he lost because of having Kyle Orton. 

This weekend will be a career-defining weekend across the board for many teams, but on Sunday Night, the Cowboys have to step up and show that this team is worth all of the money that Jerry Jones has put in, and show the effort that will ultimately decide Garrett’s overall fate – one way or another. 

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