First Post of 2014 – Michigan State, NHL Winter Classic, Lindsey Duke

First off, I hope everyone has a healthy & happy new year & that 2014 helps everyone be safe & prosperous in a physical, mental, spiritual & financial way. 

With that said, New Year’s Day is traditionally one of the biggest sports days of the calendar year, and this year did not disappoint on any stretch. Here are some of the things that we learned on January 1, 2014 from midnight to midnight – 

Detroit Red Wings, Toronto Maple Leafs Make NHL Winter Classic Was An Absolute Classic 

While many people have ripped the NHL for a variety of issues that they have deserved to come under fire for, no one can deny that the 2014 NHL Winter Classic between the Red Wings & Maple Leafs was one of the most exciting sporting events in recent memory. 

NHL Winter Classic
Over 100,000 fans of the Red Wings & Maple Leafs
filled Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor for the 2014
NHL Winter Classic. 

Having the snow fall on the ice throughout the game, the weather being in the teens, & playing in front of 105,000 fans at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor made this version of the NHL Winter Classic one of the most exciting hockey games all season. 

Not to mention that the play on the ice was spirited, lively and showcased some of the best talent in the league. The Maple Leafs won the game 3-2 in an OT shootout, however, both teams were true winners. While the game itself only means a few points in the standings, it could mean a world of new spirit, new renovation and a new appreciation for what it means to be an NHL player. 

If the other stadium events the NHL has planned for this year are anything like the Winter Classic, the fans are in for an amazing treat that will make the league far more marketable and incredibly fun to watch. 

Michigan State Wins The Rose Bowl Over Stanford

The game lived up to the hype. The game was meant to be two physical teams lining up and beating the hell out of each other for 4 quarters. That’s exactly what happened on Wednesday as the Michigan State Spartans end a drought of over 25 years of going to the Rose Bowl, and won their first in many, many years by beating Stanford. 

Michigan State Spartans
The Michigan State Spartans took care of business at
the Rose Bowl by defeating Stanford 24-20. 

The game was a great watch if you like good playcalling, physical plays, great hitting and a team imposing their will on another team. 

MSU absolutely played like their namesake, especially in the second half where they held the Cardinal to 3 points total. Behind the strong play of quarterback Connor Cook, RB Jeremy Langford and the outstanding play of the Spartan defense as a whole, the Spartans helped give the Big Ten conference a big shot in the arm with the Rose Bowl victory, a victory that has been hard to come by in the conference for a few years. 

Mark Dantonio
Will MSU Head Coach Mark Dantonio look at leaving East
Lansing for Austin as the new coach of the University
of Texas? 

Now, Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany will be enjoying his popcorn and hoping that the Ohio State Buckeyes handle their business on Friday night against Clemson in the Orange Bowl to make it a great bowl season for the B1G. 

For the Spartans, while the victory was a tremendous one for the program, the questions will begin to be asked about the next coaching move for Head Coach Mark Dantonio as well as Defensive Coordinator Pat Narduzzi. 

Both men are considered to be candidates for the opening at Texas to replace legendary coach Mack Brown, who just retired as Head Coach a few weeks ago. While Dantonio has said on numerous occasions that he is very happy being at Michigan State, the style of football that he coaches will be very tempting to the Texas fan base, who will have a Brinks truck full of money to throw at a potential candidate due to a strong alumni base, the resource of excellent Texas high school football and the extra funding from the Longhorn Network, the TV network that is based around Texas sports. 

Dantonio has shown that he can recruit very well, takes talent that may not have been the best coming out of high school and maximizing their overall potential to be great, the goal of any great coach. Texas has been an up & down program over the last few years, especially on defense at times, and Dantonio would be the guy who could right that ship very quickly if he decides to explore that option. 

Dantonio has been put in the opportunity to call his shot about what jobs he wants in college football. Pat Narduzzi won’t have as many options, but because his MSU defenses have been nothing short of amazing the last few years, he will be considered as a distinct possibility for a variety of coaching positions, if not a higher paid defensive coordinator, or even the guy who could go with Dantonio to Texas. 

UPDATE: On Wednesday Night, Michigan State signed Dantonio & his staff to new contracts that would make Dantonio one of the top 3 highest paid coaches in the Big Ten. 

Lindsey Duke Is Absolutely Gorgeous, Could She Replace Katherine Webb As Hottest WAG in College Football? 

At the end of the wild sports day, we were introduced to the new hottness in sports – Lindsey Duke, the girlfriend of University of Central Florida Quarterback Blake Bortles. 

Lindsey Duke
Model Lindsay Duke shows us all that yet again, athletes
have all the luck in the world. 

Come to find out, we as sports fans have been so wrapped up in Katherine Webb & satisfying the MILF fantasy in Dee Dee Bonner, that we completely had no idea that Duke was even relevant in the hottest wives & girlfriends list. 

Lindsey Duke
Lindsey Duke,
Girlfriend of University of Central Florida Quarterback
Blake Bortles. 

Not only is she on the list, but she might be at the top of the list now. While she is working her way up in the modeling world, her beau led the Central Florida Knights to a Fiesta Bowl victory over the Baylor Bears in a game that was nothing short of phenomenal offense & exciting plays across the field from both teams. Bortles looks as though he will be entering the 2014 NFL Draft but right now, we are going to all try to answer the big question – 

Lindsay Duke or Katherine Webb? In case you forgot Katherine, here is a friendly reminder – 

Katherine Webb
Katherine Webb, Girlfriend of Alabama QB A.J. McCarron.
Men, you are welcome. 

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