NFL Wildcard Playoff Review

This weekend, we saw some of the best NFL action we have seen in the NFL Wildcard Round in many years. We saw comebacks, extremely cold weather games & us realizing that in the NFL, it honestly doesn’t matter if you are on the road or not, you have a strong gameplan, you can win no matter the conditions. 

Andrew Luck Showed That Yes, He Is Elite

For all of the people that wondered if Andrew Luck could beat the ghost of Peyton Manning in Indianapolis – stop thinking that. And be quiet. Please. 

Luck led the Indianapolis Colts past the Kanas City Chiefs, 45-44, in one of the best NFL playoff games of all time. The Colts were down 38-10 in the 3rd quarter before charging all the way back. The comeback was the 2nd largest in NFL playoff history, rivaling the 1992 Frank Reich Buffalo Bills comeback against the Houston Oilers. 

Andrew Luck
Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck walking off the field after
an improbable comeback against the Chiefs. 

Luck may never reach all of the NFL records that Manning has, but slowly but surely, Luck is making Colts Owner Jim Irsay look like a genius each & every day. To pull off what Luck did on Saturday takes supreme leadership skills and the guts to match his counterpart, Chiefs QB Alex Smith, who himself threw 4 TD passes in the game and was looking like Joe Montana or Steve Young out there. 

Did the Chiefs play very lackluster defense during the game? Absolutely – especially when they didn’t decide to ever double T.Y. Hilton. The Chiefs lost Jamaal Charles early on in the game, also, but this victory was about Luck and his growing of his legacy exponentially. 

People will say that Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid’s time management – again – was his undoing, and the team completely crumbled under pressure, but Luck’s talent and will to be great was the reason for that, & when a player has that drive, especially when he takes a fumble from a sure handed Donald Brown into the end zone on a fluke bounce, a team is not going to stop that. 

Lucas Oil Stadium might be the house that Peyton Manning built, but Luck will be the QB who keeps the lights on & the bills paid. 

The New Orleans Saints Worked Their Voodoo To Actually Win On The Road Against Philadelphia. 

After the epic Colts win, Ill admit, I was absolutely emotionally exhausted and had very little left to watch the Saints & Eagles play, especially when the game started out so slowly. But, alas, I sucked it up and plowed through. 

The game wasn’t a masterpiece by any means, and neither team played outstanding or terribly, but the Saints made the necessary plays to win, especially in the 4th quarter when Drew Brees did just enough to keep moving the chains ahead. 

Ok, enough on that game, just not that much to get on…..

Yes, Chargers won and beat the lowly Cincinnati Bengals, and both teams are basically frauds………continuing on to……..

The San Francisco 49ers Took The Discount Daaaablecheck & The Green Bay Packers Out In The Cold. 

This was exactly what everyone thought it was going to be, hard-hitting, physical, not a ton of passing because of the fact that it was barely above 0 degrees throughout the game. 

But, the 49ers showed that their defense was built for the cold and the Packers clearly missed LB Clay Matthews in terms of getting pressure on Colin Kaepernick. 

Colin Kaepernick
Colin Kaepernick ran past the Packers last season
just as he did on Sunday against Green Bay in the cold.

Kaepernick used the same gameplan that he used in the playoffs last year against Green Bay and early on in the season – make big plays with the pass and make the Packers scared to death of the run, and today, Kaepernick killed the defense with the runs to the outside. Vernon Davis & Michael Crabtree were absolute studs in terms of making big plays late, and while Aaron Rodgers had an OK game by his standards, the Packers did not look like the regular Packers. 

Maybe it was because of the crazy changes in QB during the season and the injuries but the Green Bay Packers looked as though they were lucky to be in the playoffs as opposed to knowing they should be in and expecting to win. They lacked overall confidence and the 49ers imposed their will on Green Bay throughout the game, even with the game ending in 23-20. The 49ers broke their will, and wanted to get to Carolina a bit worse. 

Later this week, we will have the NFL Divisional Round previews for you. Take care and have a great week! 

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