J.R. Smith Is Playing His Way Off New York Knicks, NBA

Yes, we know that New York Knicks Guard J.R. Smith is a bit of a complete idiot. No shock about that one. Where the shock comes from is that the Knicks organization – particularly Head Coach Mike Woodson – isn’t putting up with it. 

That should be commended. 

J.R. Smith is one of the most polarizing players in the NBA. While he has a tremendous amount of skill when he wants to play disciplined, the problem is just that – he doesn’t play disciplined pretty much ever. 

J.R. Smith
 New York Knicks NBA guard J.R. Smith. 

But the Knicks might have to eat this whole situation like a big bag of crow. The team gave Smith a 3-year, over $40 million dollar extension because he was on his best behavior last season. However, he has shown his true stripes this year, being a complete malcontent and when he is in the game, Twitter lights up with people being frustrated about why he will take terrible shots early in the possession or why he will decide to go 1 on 5 against the defense. 

When Smith is on the court, the Knicks offense just dies & you know either Smith or Carmelo Anthony will take that shot in that possession. But that is to be expected because Smith was a malcontent and the same type of player at the start of his career with the Denver Nuggets. 

Recently, Woodson benched Smith because of being late for team meetings and a bunch of other stuff, which it all comes down to Smith not being a role model on or off the court. 

Smith is clearly not about the team, and if Knicks owner James Dolan cared at all about the fans or the team, they would cut their losses with Smith right now & get serious about showing Carmelo that they are willing to actually put a solid team around him before he checks out to the Lakers, Clippers or Bulls before the trade deadline or in the offseason. 

If it was just issues with his play, that could possibly be worked on, but off the court, Smith has been as wreckless as well. A Twitter issue with music star Joe Budden & wild pictures of his girlfriend surfacing online reflects bad on his character, which seems as though it plays into his basketball life. Last year, he was linked to singer Rihanna, and as soon as he was, his game absolutely left him and the thing that he could do well – fill baskets – completely left him, with Smith just being a dude running around making little to no impact. 

Yes, the Knicks are having a rough season, but the NBA Eastern Conference is still wide open & if Smith can either shape up or get shipped out, the Knicks must make a decision because right now, the team looks as though his personality is holding the organization under siege, preventing the team from succeeding. 

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