Former Texas Longhorn, NFL QB Vince Young Faces Sad End To Promising Career

Vince Young was destined for greatness. Now he is a cautionary tale for other young athletes, particularly NFL players getting ready to go through the scouting combine & enter the 2014 NFL Draft.

In the 2004 & 2005 seasons, there were few quarterbacks in college football that were as electrifying as Young in college football.

He could get the ball down the field quickly, make big plays with his legs, and was one of the main quaterbacks who came into the NFL who could use his legs and arms to win games.

Vince Young
Vince Young was quite possibly the greatest quarterback in the history of the Texas Longhorns school.

Sadly, Young is now filing for bankruptcy. And unfortunately, he can only blame himself. But the big question is how does a guy with so much talent, a top 5 pick in the NFL Draft & a guy who had the ability to win games in the league – a key intangible skill – be out of the league and has to gain protection from the government?

He wasn’t truly ready for the NFL life. Young was a top pick in the 2006 NFL Draft with the Tennessee Titans & led the team to a 30 – 17 record from the 2006 season through 2010.

But Young had issues handling some forms of pressure and when the situation happened when Young was benched by then Head Coach Jeff Fisher, there were the reports of Young contemplating suicide, losing the lockerroom trust of his teammates, etc.

He bounced around the league a bit, but it was clear that even with his talent, damage had been done to his reputation. Then it came out that he was dealing with lawsuits and to me, the low point was when he spent $300,000 on a birthday party for himself as well as spent lots of money regularly at the Cheesecake Factory restaurant.

Young was not ready for his NFL life, present & future. Talent can only take a player so far, and I hope that Young can get his life on track, forget football.

Maybe this will allow Young to speak to guys coming into the league, or younger kids about the price of fame. Young paid it, now its time to recover from that payment.

Young will be taking a position at the University of Texas on new head coach Charlie Strong’s staff & will be looking to restart his football life, at his point where he had his greatest success.

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