The NFL Should Never Have Another SuperBowl In Cold Weather

In case you have been living under a rock for about a year, SuperBowl 48 is being held in New York City & New Jersey at MetLife Stadium on February 2.

The same New York/New Jersey area that just got pounded with terrible snowstorms and frigid cold. Umm…..what the hell, NFL?

This game will have the #1 offense in the Denver Broncos, with one of the top 10 quarterbacks of all time, Peyton Manning, against the #1 defense in the Seattle Seahawks, with their elite secondary led by Richard Sherman.

A matchup if this magnitude should be contested in the most pristine conditions available, but instead, the league will deal with wind, possible snow, and cold temperatures.

The league wants to show off new stadiums around the league, but that has to stop at some point. Metlife has hosted concerts, Wrestlemania, and the Jets & Giants each week. The SuperBowl should not be in a place where your fans (regular and corporate) are going to freeze to death.

The NFL announced they would have warming stations around the stadium for the people, which means some action will be missed, and when a customer is spending up to $100,000 on a possible seat, they should be as comfortable as possible. No questions asked.

This is why the league is concerned that the NFL TV product is too good now because of decisions like this that will draw millions of viewers but the NFL experience is not what it would be in Miami, Tampa, Los Angeles or other areas.

Note to the NFL – when you have to keep fans from becoming ice sculptures, time to reexamine.

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