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Earlier this month, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced the launch of the WWE Network, scheduled for February 24, directly after that night’s episode of Monday Night Raw. 

At launch, there will be an extensive variety of classic programming available, as well as programming that will debut over the first few months of the programming, including the stream of Wrestlemania XXX on April 6 in New Orleans. 

In today’s post, we would like to preview some of the shows and give our general overview of what to expect early on in the process. 

WWE Legends House 

Legend’s House is basically the show that was filmed by WWE in 2012 where you take legends of the WWE including Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Mean Gene Okerlund, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Pat Patterson, Hillbilly Jim, Jimmy Hart, & Tony Atlas and they are all in a house together, which means all kinds of fun chaos can & most likely will ensue. 
This is going to be one of the most watched original shows early on on the WWE Network because the one thing that wrestling fans respect, no matter what, are legends of the business being on TV. 
The WWE will capitalize on their lofty collection of matches & events from the WCW, WWE, SMW, NWA, ECW & other promotions that they own the tape libraries for, but this will breathe new life into classic performers that people in their 30s & 40s most likely remember growing up with years ago in the 80s & 90s. 

The Monday Night War (WWE Monday Night Raw vs WCW Monday Nitro) 

This show will focus on the real-life ratings battle that almost put WWE out of business & ultimately put WCW out of business. This battle is known to wrestling fans as the Monday Night War. 
The show seems as though it will be built on interviews & possible clips and/or full episodes of Raw & Nitro on the nights that they were going head-to-head from September 1995 until March 2001. 
For many wrestling fans, they know the story of the ultimate ending where Vince McMahon ends up paying pennies for the WCW library & footage, and the fact that WCW was so reckless with contracts that many guys were signed to long-term money deals with Turner Sports, not particularly WCW, so guys like Sting, Goldberg & others just sat at home & collected paychecks through the end of their deals. 

WWE Wrestlemania Rewind

While most of the wrestling fans have most likely seen most of the Wrestlemania events in their entirety, the WWE Network will give a new twist to the matches that will be featured in the show. The show will have interviews with various WWE personalities that were either involved with the matches or watched them, with intimate details of the matches & information that even as die-hard fans we didn’t know about. 
This should be very strong, as long as the WWE doesn’t rehash old behind-the-scenes stories that many hardcore fans & subscribers to the network will already know about from the start. 

WWE Total Divas 

The popular WWE Total Divas show will be available in replay form on the new WWE Network. 
Nikki Bella
WWE Diva Nikki Bella is featured in a
relationship with WWE Superstar John Cena
in Total Divas.
Total Divas is the real-life issues & good times of the divas of the WWE. The show comes on on E! during its usual Sunday night at 10 p.m. scheduled time, but the show is on hiatus until season 2 begins in March. 
Eva Marie
WWE Diva Eva Marie is one of the main reasons to
tune into episodes of Total Divas on the WWE Network &
The WWE Network will have season one of the show available, as we are guessing will be the case for season 2. My guess is that the show will eventually move full-time to the WWE Network at some point or another, but possibly not soon since the WWE has been posturing for a new TV contract with NBC Universal, which owns E!. 

Every WWE, WCW & ECW Pay-Per-View Event

This will make wrestling fans probably have a massive orgasm in the first week of the show. The WWE Network will have every pay-per-view available at launch & in HD of each WWE, WCW & ECW PPV event, something that many wrestling fans have coveted for years, especially those who haven’t had the chance to see classic WCW or ECW, and to have the footage available in HD is a major high-point for the WWE Network early on. 
From Wrestlemania to Starrcade to Halloween Havoc to Hardcore Heaven ’99, having every PPV event available will virtually guarantee tons of watching in the first couple of weeks of the service, which will absolutely make WWE & their advertisers happy, as well as die-hard wrestling fans who have had to search the internet like crazy to find those classic events from the past. 
It looks like the WWE Network is set up for immediate success. There will be more articles about the WWE Network on this blog soon, but for now check out our other pieces on the WWE as well as our NBA questions & our preview of the NFL SuperBowl 48 event coming soon between the Denver Broncos & Seattle Seahawks. 

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