NFL Superbowl 48 – Ticket Prices Are Dropping Big Time

The NFL has a potential issue on its hand coming into SuperBowl 48 this weekend – ticket prices. Not that they are incredibly expensive, but that they are dropping like a rock right now. 

The league normally has many Superbowl tickets set up at a premium price (typically in the $5,000 – $6,000) range – with many people, especially in the corporate sector, happily willing to pay that price to be at the biggest sports & entertainment event of the year. Many tickets are currently available at around $1,700 – $2,000 through the NFL Ticket Exchange website, a division of Ticketmaster. While that is a steep sum to the average football fan, that is actually among the lowest prices in recent SuperBowl memory.  

But this SuperBowl, considering all of the weather issues that are going into Sunday’s game with the Broncos & Seahawks, could be tough in terms of fans who might be on the fence about paying high prices for tickets. 

The temperature is scheduled to be in the 30s on Sunday with a 20% chance of snow, which is definitely not SuperBowl weather, and the NFL has to understand that the fans see this & will not want to go through all of the hassle of going to New Jersey, going through the subway & train, & deal with crazy long lines, all to just sit in the freezing cold (open air stadiums by the water are always cold in the winter time) for 4 hours. 

The NFL experience has become so much stronger on TV & with many football fans & non-football fans around the world having the ability to have parties & watch the game on massive HD televisions, the league has to make sure that their biggest showcase is always able to have the best value for the people who are showing up to the game & paying the big money. 

Another area where the NFL will have to look at the logistics of this particular SuperBowl is that neither team is within realistic driving distance of New York & New Jersey. The Seattle Seahawks are located in the pacific northwest & the Denver Broncos are also located in the west, which means on top of the ticket, people will need to purchase plane tickets, hotel packages, rental cars & other big expenses for the weekend. 

Many fans will go to watch their teams no matter what, but coming from such a long distance will make ticket brokers depend on the New York financial market to make sure they are breaking even. New York has the highest amount of millionaires of any state in the U.S.; moreover, the surrounding states including Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island & Pennsylvania could contribute to the sales of tickets from brokerage firms as the game gets nearer which will help brokers either break even or come out slightly ahead. 

No matter what the situation will be, the NFL has said repeatedly that the stadium will be filled on SuperBowl Sunday. 

The question will literally be, at what cost? 

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