WWE Royal Rumble Review 2014

For anyone that watched the 2014 WWE Royal Rumble last night, one thing is very apparent – Daniel Bryan is poised to become the biggest star in the company, hands down. 

The WWE doesn’t even get it though, which is so incredibly sad. 

Daniel Bryan
WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan.

Last night at the Royal Rumble, Bryan started off the night with a phenomenal 20-minute match against Bray Wyatt, who I felt needed a bit of “breaking in” in terms of needing to have a solid, long match with a worker the caliber of Bryan. And they proceeded to tear the house down with a match that could be on the early list for one of the top matches of 2014 when its all said & done. 

However, the WWE fans have been asking & pleading through chants of “yes” every single week since 2012 for Bryan to have a sustained & meaningful title run due to his strong work ethic & his career in the independent scene before coming to the WWE

The fans are a bit tired & worn out from seeing what the “machine” has put in front of them in John Cena & Randy Orton seemlingly monopolizing the WWE Championship for the last 10 years. People have critized Cena for not having the great work rate and being the corporate puppet & Orton has been bland since his run in Evolution in 2003-2005 & his run in 2009 when he was leading the group, Legacy. 

Anywho, back to the Rumble itself – 

After the Bryan/Wyatt match, we had the Big Show go up against Brock Lesnar (sponsored by the Jimmy John’s Pepe sandwich, hold the tomato). 

So, with this match, its basically this. 

Brock Hit. Big Show Hit. Brock Hit 10 times. Big Show offense. Brock Hits With Chair 247295375295832749328753298573298572389 times. Big Show walks out as if a mosquito bit him. JBL, King, & Michael Cole acts as if Big Show has west nile virus. 


The WWE World Championship match between Cena & Orton comes. Now, here’s my thing with this match…….if Orton just beat the hell out of Cena’s dad, I would think that Cena would be a bit more pissed off coming into the match. However, he comes out (with new t-shirt) and is kinda happy about everything as if he is wrestling Orton for the 52424290th time. 

Oh wait. He is. With a very similar storyline to what was used years ago, with Cena’s dad. Vince McMahon, Triple H & Stephanie McMahon obviously believes that we don’t remember stuff in the WWE. Oh, but wrestling fans have some of the deepest memories in all of sports. Trust me on that. 

So, we have the match, & the crow is absolutely taking a crap on this match. All the way around with chants of “boring,” “Cena Sucks, “Orton is boring,” “JBL,” etc. The end of the match was great with the Wyatt Family interfering and all, but the crowd was determined to make the night about Daniel Bryan. 

So, you think that we will be getting Bryan in the Royal Rumble because clearly you had it set up that he would have a run in the Rumble because his match with Wyatt was on first right. 

In the words of Dean Ambrose. Nope.

The 2014 Royal Rumble goes by uneventful with Batista winning. That’s all you need to know about the match. The issue is that Bryan wasn’t in the Rumble or considered for it, but what many people probably don’t realize is that the WWE, especially how Triple H is running things now, knows how to build up the suspense & anticipation for someone who the fans are getting behind.

To me, it looks as though Bryan will be having a major push down the line, which will be the payoff for all the craziness that has been taking place. The Royal Rumble may not be remembered for the matches & for who won the event, but the night that Daniel Bryan made his voice known to the rest of the world as the next big star in the company. 

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