NBA – Why The Cleveland Cavaliers MUST Keep Kyrie Irving

It’s clear to me that the Cleveland Cavaliers have gone through so much as a franchise over the last few years. Losing LeBron James to the decision. Going through the tough years with the roster after LeBron. The Jordan shot over Craig Ehlo. Etc. Etc. Etc. 

Kyrie Irving
Cleveland Cavaliers PG Kyrie Irving. 

But the Cavs have struck gold again by having young phenom point guard Kyrie Irving. Irving came to the Cavs, in a way, thanks to LeBron. When James left for the Miami Heat, the Cavs basically sucked, & by sucking so terribly, they gained the #1 pick, which was Irving. 

Irving has been one of the most dynamic players in the league, gaining his first NBA All-Star starter appearance this year. However, recently, reports began to surface that Irving is secretly unhappy in Cleveland & will leave when he has the first chance. 

Owner Dan Gilbert & the Cavs organization can not let this happen by no means whatsoever. The Cavs were lucky to not get a lot of backlash from the LeBron James departure mainly because the fans overwhelmingly felt that it was James’ fault for not talking to the organization & letting them know about his future plans in the NBA

This time, however, the Cavs organization could be on the hook for this. 

Since Irving has been with the team, the Cavs are running into the same problem that they had with LeBron from many of the outside fans & insiders around the NBA – there is no real talent around Irving. When Irving is able to become a free agent, the Cavs will need to make a true commitment to him not only financially, but also by putting some serious talent around him to the point where he won’t be able to go to Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, or other big markets where he can thrive. 

Irving has said on record that he believes he will be in Cleveland long-term, but Cavs fans have heard that song & dance before. Gilbert has to make a hard decision right now & make Irving aware of this – either sign a long-term deal now which would make him a Cavs player for years to come, or try & trade him, which would most likely lead to a rebuilding situation. 

From a PR standpoint, the Cavs can’t afford to lose Irving without bringing in a legit NBA star. The team received a true reprieve from a fan base that hasn’t seen a championship in the city since the 50s with the Cleveland Browns. The fans of Cleveland are incredibly loyal, almost to a fault. The organization has to begin to show the ability to keep a star around for many years and put some pieces around him. 

Kyrie Irving, along with John Wall, Damian Lillard & Stephen Curry, are leading a new wave of elite NBA point guards who are not only facilitators, but can shoot, create their own shots & many nights, be the leading scorer on their teams. Every great franchise has a good-to-great point guard that can make the main stars get their points & become stars in their own rights. Irving is already a star & has shown that he can become a strong facilitator, but if he has no one to really throw the ball to on a regular basis, he can’t be effective. 

For the sake of Cleveland, the Cavs must keep Kyrie in town & show that that city can be a place that NBA players want to go to & can go to play with a young point guard & build an NBA Championship team. 

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