The Seattle Seahawks EARNED SuperBowl 48 Victory; Stop Blaming Denver Broncos

The Seattle Seahawks turned a highly anticipated SuperBowl into one of the most boring & un-entertaining games in many years with their 43-8 SuperBowl 48 win over the Denver Broncos & Peyton Manning. This is the first SuperBowl championship in the franchise’s history. 

For the rest of the week, you will hear about how Peyton Manning choked, how he can’t win the big game, how he can’t perform in the big situations. But what you won’t hear nearly as much is how the Seahawks absolutely dominanted the Broncos offensive line all game, had pressure up the middle & on the edge on Manning, forcing him into bad incomplete passes, including two interceptions where one of them was returned for a pick six by SuperBowl MVP Malcolm Smith. 

Peyton Manning
Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning left to hold his head
after a rough performance in SuperBowl 48. 

The Seahawks had a tremendous gameplan going into tonight against Denver, taking out Eric Decker early by having All-pro CB Richard Sherman on him for the majority of the game. WR Demaryious Thomas had a SuperBowl record for receptions in a game (13) but many of the catches weren’t always challenging the Seahawks defense however, outside of the touchdown catch he had late in the game. 

Percy Harvin
Seattle Seahawks WR Percy Harvin made many big plays
to help the Seahawks win their first SuperBowl in franchise

Russell Wilson had a great game in terms of managing the game and making key throws in key situations. Wilson put the offense in great position to make plays on a consistent basis, moved the ball up & down the field, and made life easy on the defense to be aggressive and have fun all over the field in terms of trying to make big plays consistently, which they did. 

Percy Harvin turned into a big time weapon, being used in ways that NFL fans hadn’t seen since his days with the Minnesota Vikings. If Harvin is able to stay healthy into next season, the Seahawks WR will be a dangerous weapon for the team next year, which will just allow them to stretch the field a bit more on offense to take some more pressure off of Marshawn Lynch. 

At the end of the day, the Seahawks were the far superior team on all parts of the game – & this comes from a guy who predicted that the Broncos would win the game convincingly. I was absolutely wrong about this one. 

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks, & the 12th Man. And leave it at that. 

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