New York Knicks Facing Major Problems Outside Just NBA Basketball On-Court

The New York Knicks have gone from being one of the true franchises on the rise earlier this year to being one of the most laughable & disgraceful organizations in the NBA right now. Let’s take a quick look at where the Knicks have had some key issues over the last year. 

J.R. Smith Is Playing Like J.R. Smith. 

The team has had to deal with a variety of just very stupid, immature issues ever since the NBA playoffs last season. 

J.R. Smith, who was dating pop singer Rihanna at the time, decided that after he came in & was a strong force for getting the Knicks into the playoffs, went back to his old self, jacking up terrible shots after the relationship started to happen, and he decided to go back to his old ways, which got him sent out of Denver. 

J.R. Smith
New York Knicks Guard J.R. Smith. 

This season, Smith has been as bad from a team standpoint as I have ever seen him, taking more crazy shots than ever before, but not having a better FG percentage & putting his team in position to be successful. The Knicks gave him 3 years, $18 million for his biggest scoring average of 18 points a game which was in 2012-13.  

After the contract, Smith started getting into a weird rivalry with Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Jennings, who called out Smith’s younger brother (who can’t play btw) & Smith sent out some threats to Jennings, looking more like a damn idiot instead of working on his game & being more of a team player. 

The Knicks had looked into trade options for Smith, but very few teams were willing to take on his contract at the trade deadline. 

Oh wait……..not to mention the real “streetball” thing to do….trying to untie Detroit Pistons Andre Drummond & Greg Monroe’s shoes at the free throw line during a game. That’s not NBA basketball; that’s streetball from a guy who can’t get the street out of him. 

If the New York Knicks are going to move ahead, they have to be able to trade or cut J.R. Smith this offseason, or else the organization can not continue to function as is. 

Raymond Felton Gun Incident 

So if dealing with craziness on the court wasn’t enough, the New York Knicks are dealing with issues off the court. Raymond Felton, the point guard for the Knicks who has been struggling this season, turned himself into New York City Police after his wife turned over a gun that was not registered in New York to Felton. 

Raymond Felton
New York Knicks Guard Raymond Felton.

The New York gun laws are very strict, as former Giants & Steelers WR Plaxico Burress knows all too well about. Burress spend 2 years in prison after being convicted of violating New York gun laws. 

According to reports, Felton & his wife had a dispute & he aggressively waved the gun in her direction, which caused her to be fearful for her life & safety. She then filed for divorce a week later. 

Felton will be playing this weekend in national TV games, which will undoubtedly lead to more questions & concerns about what is happening with the future of the Knicks & their roster. 

Will Carmelo Anthony Be a New York Knick Next Season? 

After you get back all the crap with J.R. Smith & Felton, look at what is going on with star player Carmelo Anthony, who is supposed to be the franchise. Anthony has had a wonderful season statistically, including a 60-point game in January, but the stats haven’t led to victories, which is the key. 

Carmelo Anthony
New York Knicks Forward Carmelo Anthony.

Everyone knows that Anthony will be able to opt out of his deal this summer & become a free agent, & here at the DraftKingsMaster, we do believe that Carmelo will end up in Chicago with the Bulls or in Los Angeles with either the Lakers or the Los Angeles Clippers. 

As the roster is currently constructed, Carmelo cannot win a championship in New York City. He has no help around him on any level & even the greats of the game have had some kind of competent assistance in winning championships. Kobe had Shaq, then Pau Gasol; Jordan had Pippen & Phil Jackson; LeBron, Wade & Bosh have each other in Miami. 

Anthony has to develop more of a killer instinct if he is going to be considered a true winner, a sentiment that recently released Metta World Peace recently shared on a national radio show. If the Knicks were smart, they would try to bring in more pieces that can actually gel with Carmelo as opposed to making Anthony carry the entire load on his own shoulders. 


The New York Knicks fans deserve more than this. The Knicks fans have not seen an NBA Championship since 1970, and they are more than due for a championship run. Knicks owner James Dolan has been one of the most inept owners in all of sports with some of the decisions he has madde in the last 15 years, when the Knicks have largely been irrelevant for the most part. 

If Carmelo is the franchise player & the player who will carry the Knicks into the twilight of his career, he has to demand greatness from Dolan, Allan Houston & the rest of the Knicks braintrust. If not, the Knicks will still be pathetic, & Anthony will go down as a great player who didn’t live up to potential. 

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