Wichita State Needs To Be Taken Seriously

In a sport that’s based on the idea of upsets, “Cinderellas,” & teams coming out of nowhere to succeed, college basketball has one of the most spectacular stories developing right now that has ever been seen in the history of the sport – The Wichita State Shockers

The Shockers are now 30-0 & without question, one of the most dominating teams in the game right now. But what makes this team great is the fact that they don’t have a guy that averages 20 points per game or 10 rebounds. They don’t have a guy who is flashy or is probably looked at as a big time, no doubt, NBA prospect. 

But they have winners. Players who know how to win. Players to buy in to their coach, Gregg Marshall, & his overall philosophy to winning basketball games. 

The Shockers are not an upset team though, this is a team that was in the NCAA Final Four last season, losing to the eventual National Champion Louisville, while giving Louisville all they could handle in the game. 

The team is led by seniors Cleanthony Early & Ron Baker, both have been not only great players, but strong leaders all season. They play great defense, can shoot from 3-point range, and are all around solid players. 

The Wichita State Shockers are a great story because they are not the team that is a Duke, Kentucky, Florida, Michigan State, or other big time college basketball powerhouses. They are from an area that does know great basketball in Kansas, but often overlooked until recently. 

It has only 14,450 students, which is no where close to what the other powerhouses have, but the important thing is that they win games. Plain & simple. Wichita State baseball is has one of the highest winning percentages in the history of NCAA College Baseball. The basketball team is becoming one of the premier teams in NCAA Basketball. 

All because of playing as a true team. No stars, only winners. 

Wichita State deserves to be a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament whether they lose 1 game or not. This team is a team to be reckoned with, no matter what their schedule says. To go 30-0 at this point in a season is far better than any team has gone in years & they have shown that they can go all the way to the Final Four, so why is there so much disrespect being shown? Maybe because they aren’t on ESPN all the time? Is it because they don’t play in the ACC, SEC, Big Ten, Big 12 or any other major conference? 

Who knows, but to not have this team as the overall #1 seed would be a complete travesty. Get it right, NCAA Selection Committee. 

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