Should The Houston Texans Take Johnny Manziel or Jadeveon Clowney In The NFL Draft?

As the NFL Draft comes upon us, the Houston Texans have a big decision to make – do they take DE Jadeveon Clowney from South Carolina or QB Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M. We will look at the pros & cons of taking each player for the Texans & how they can help the organization as well as possibly be a distraction to the team. And it looks like the Texans won’t be trading that #1 pick the way I thought they would at first. 

Johnny Manziel
NFL Draft Prospect Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel – Pros of being the #1 Pick of Houston Texans – 

– The Texans need a franchise quarterback. Manziel has the talent to be a leader for a team for years to come. He has the poise & the overall football makeup that would lead itself to him becoming a guy that could be the face of the organization for years to come. Not to mention – with Manziel being a former Heisman Trophy winner at Texas A&M, he will be a great ticket revenue generator, especially with so many people in the Houston area who are graduates of A&M. 

– Manziel will bring a bit of an edge to the franchise. Johnny Football will not be phased by the spotlight brought on by being an NFL quarterback. It looks as though he would be the starting quarterback from day one as it looks as though the Texans have moved on from Matt Schaub being the guy in Houston, & towards the end of the season, Schaub was the backup to Case Keenum, who is a good & serviceable player in his own right, but is not a starter in the NFL right now. 
Manziel would bring some life to the team & infuse some new energy & fun into the Houston Texans, making them a must watch franchise from day one. 

– He will have great weapons around him that can help develop his career quickly. Manziel would be a lucky guy in that he has one of the top 5 receivers in the game in Andre Johnson, a great TE in Owen Daniels & a great running back in Arian Foster. Manziel’s offensive line is rough right now, but if the Texans can take care of needs at LT and at C particularly, Johnny Football can be a dominant player immediately. 

Johnny Manziel Cons – Why the Texans Shouldn’t Take Him In The NFL Draft 

– There is a chance that Manziel could get distracted by the NFL lifestyle. We all know that Johnny Football liked to go out & have a good time in the offseason where he would be hanging out all the time with hot women, LeBron James, just going out & using his celebrity status to the top degree. That type of recklessness will not be a positive in the NFL where you have to be self disciplined. The Texans will need to watch Manziel closely in terms of making sure that he is putting in the work in the offseason & at least for his rookie season, laying low a bit from the headlines & working on becoming a better player & leader for the organization. Many people have done reports on Manziel’s life & how it can be up & down, but its time for him to not be a college kid anymore & be a true NFL professional. 
– Manziel is falling into the situation of being a small player. For all of the flash that Johnny Manziel brings to the field every game, the fact of the matter is that he is considered short by NFL standards, being at 6’0″. Though Manziel will be helped by the success of Russell Wilson & Drew Brees, the NFL still believes that the prototype quarterback is still 6’3″ to 6’6″. Manziel will have to show that he can see over the top of NFL defenses and be able to take a hit & withstand the punishment he will take, particularly if he continues his overall scrambling style which is more of a playmaking style as opposed to just progressing through all of his reads and just making a standard NFL-level throw. 
– Manziel could rub the veterans the wrong way if they have bad misconceptions of him. We all know that Manziel comes from a life of privilege, he has the ability to go where he wants, when he wants, with whomever he wants to go with, and while that’s fine, that is not the majority of the guys he comes into the NFL with, as well as the veterans that he will be working with. The locker room is a place where Manziel will have to calm down his personality a bit at least until he has had the opportunity to prove his overall worth in the league. 

The Pros of Taking Jadeveon Clowney in the NFL Draft With the 1st Pick

Jadeveon Clowney
South Carolina DE & NFL Prospect Jadeveon Clowney.

 – Clowney will make the Houston Texans’ defense elite immediately. Having Clowney & All-Pro DT J.J. Watt on the defensive line together gives the Texans 2 great pass rushers that can get to the quarterback quickly & also shut down the running game, which would allow the offense to have to put up around 20-23 points a game to win most weeks. If Clowney is as good as advertised, he will command many double teams from teams, making it easier for LBs Brian Cushing & Demeco Ryans to hit the A & B gaps and create havoc in the backfield. 

– Jadeveon Clowney is “fresh.” Now this could be a detriment to him, but in the NFL, the league wants guys who can be durable, and to be very honest, I do believe that Clowney did take some plays off last season, but at this point, it was a smart business decision. Clowney has been ready for the NFL since about his sophomore season at South Carolina, & its time for him to show off his skills at full speed, which he will do on a regular basis. Clowney is a ball hawk, can be strong at the DE position but can also run & has the speed of an outside linebacker that can cover a running back or chip a WR at the line and at least alter his route a bit before heading down the field. Being fresh doesn’t mean that he won’t always avoid injury, but it does show that he is not as beat up as other college players are at this point. 

Cons of Taking Jadeveon Clowney in the NFL Draft 

– He helps out the defense, but the offense needs a quarterback, badly. If Clowney wasn’t added to the defensive unit, if the unit is healthy, the Texans can go & get a mid-level free agent & be a top defense again quickly. The Texans had a rough season at the quarterback position as mentioned earlier in the post, and in order to keep Andre Johnson happy being in Houston for a few more years, considering that he is on the downside of his career, there must be an upgrade at the quarterback spot, hands down. 
– The questions of Clowney’s decision making does come into play. Clowney had 2 speeding tickets in one week recently & the issue of him supposedly not working as hard during last season will become a question. But those are issues & concerns that can be worked out over time. I believe that Clowney will be strong going into the NFL & will show that he is legit, he’s ready for primetime and will be able to step up to the next level. 
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