The NBA Needs To Eliminate “One & Done” Rule

For years, the NBA has always been able to bring in young talent into the league that has been able to shine early on, even from high school. Some succeed, many fail. But the league needs to stop the farce that is the one year out of high school rule to be eligible for the NBA Draft. 

If they were smart, they should move the eligibility to 3 years out of high school, which for many would mean either going overseas to play or playing major college basketball for 3 years. 

By having the 3 years in, the players will have the opportunity to be a bit more NBA ready, to be ready for life not so much on the court, but life skills off of the court in terms of handling money, hanger-ons, women, the wall that young players go up against after about 40 games played, far more than they are used to playing in high school & college. 

Having at least 3 years in would at least make the players & their parents/guardians think about getting a full fledged, real education in a career path. Let’s face it, not every player is going to be a professional basketball player & an athlete has to have something to fall back on for later in life, and if they have to be academically eligible anyway to play a sport, they should be in a position to get a legit education to have options after basketball is completed. 

If the NBA didn’t want to do that, do what baseball & hockey does – draft the rights to a player but allow them to play in college & build his skills on & off the field. But, the education & skills in something outside of sports is the key. 

This idea would also fall back on the NCAA, too. The NCAA has to understand that the average athlete is not able to live off of the money that they earn right now, not every kid is going to be rich like Johnny Manziel or maybe a select few others. 

If I were to run things, each athlete would get $500 per month that would go towards just enjoying life a little bit, going to a movie, having a nice dinner every once in a while, buying legit groceries, just basic things that the average student who isn’t bringing in money to a university through their athletic exploits gets to have. 

Right now, the average person can’t blame a player for wanting to go right into the NBA or any sport in order to just be able to make a bit of a living for themselves & not have to be subject to not having a job to earn a bit of money or anything else that could legally bring in a bit of cash. The NCAA gets on kids for getting extra food, getting a phone call from someone that is on the “banned” list, signing autographs, etc. 

This is the NCAA trying to live the fairy tale that the athletes are on a different level than everyone else & should be held to a higher regard than anyone else that is allowed to earn a paid position in any other way of life, however, can’t market themselves or anything that could jeopardize their team or university keeping victories, championships & such. Its absolutely ridiculous, and the NBA & NCAA have to be able to work together to come up with a better system than what is currently in place. 

There will be more students that take money or do things under the table, and I can’t blame them at all. It is what it is. You have to be able to live life. But why can’t kids get an education, play sports, & earn money for the work that they do – which is also known as just being a college athlete? A stipend in the NCAA ranks would go a long way with enticing students to stick around a bit & build their life outside of the court, field or anything else. 

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