NBA – LeBron James Scores 61, Moves Ahead in MVP Race With Durant?

LeBron James has determined that he wants to be the NBA MVP this season after his outstanding 61 point game against the Charlotte Bobcats on Monday night. James was dominant all over the court, & showed to the nation that when he wants, he is the most dominant player in the NBA

LeBron James
LeBron James is making a case to be the NBA MVP this season.

And, no, Kevin Durant is not on the list for that honor right now. Durant’s team is having a great season, & while he has done much of his damage without Russell Westbrook in the lineup, but Durant still has yet to make the big statement on the biggest stage that shows he is here to be a true player in this MVP race. 

Last night, LeBron seized the moment against a team he is supposed to dominate & didn’t play down to his competition. He did to the Magic that all great players in the history of the NBA – or sports for that matter – do to players & teams that are inferior to them. In this day & age, the number 61 is good, but its not awe-inspiring. Its more about the overall dominance that is shown while scoring the 61 points. 

For Durant, during his strong stretch in January, he was strong against everyone with the 30-40-50 point games throughout the month, but KD will still need to show it in the big matchups that he will have coming up to clinch top seed in the West & locking down home court all the way through possibly the NBA Finals. 

The MVP race will come down to a bunch of subjective voting, but King James just made a race that looked as though Durant would cruise control to the win a bit more bumpy with some traffic. 

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