Rep. Pat Garofalo Takes Shot at NBA, Players With Tweet About Crime

This past week, Minnesota lawmaker Rep. Pat Garofalo sent out a very disparaging tweet about NBA players, saying that if the league folded tommorow, nobody would notice a difference with the exception of an increase of street crime. 


Let’s look at this from a few different angles. It’s very clear that there are some definite racial undertones with this statement, which shows that Mr. Garofalo is very uneducated about players in the league as well as in sports. Is there crime, yes. There are issues in every sport with a group of athletes but to take a shot at the NBA is very tasteless & is insulting to not just NBA players but particularly African-American athletes, with the majority of the players in the NBA being of African-American decent. 

The only thing that Garofalo can be given “credit” for is the fact that he actually stood behind his tweet & put out a statement on ESPN & other outlets explaining his views & idea behind the tweet instead of the usual “my Twitter account was hacked” crap. 

The problem is……we have a lawmaker with these kind of views, which does not bode well for many people. 

Outside of being incredibly short-sided & ignorant of the topic in which he speaks, many people around the NBA have found it interesting that the Minnesota Timberwolves internally wanted to make sure that they had a roster & management that was majority Caucasian, as is going with the city of Minneapolis & their population base. In 2012, the Timberwolves were 2/3 Caucasian, the highest in the league.

Going back to Garofalo though, he is strictly going off of stereotypes, which is absolutely wrong & disgusting. What he probably didn’t realize when hitting the tweet button on his Twitter is that the NFL, the most dominant sports league in the United States, has more convicted felons than the NBA can come close to having (much of that having to do with larger rosters, but still, why are there any guys in any sports needing to commit crimes). 

The NBA, like any other league, has guys who are strong in their community, homelife, & are people who do things the right way on & off the court in general. Yes, the NBA does have an image problem, but, in this era, what league doesn’t? 

The NHL? Very few people watch them to even notice one way or another. MLB? drugs, steroids, HGH, etc. The NFL? They are on a level that is just too long to cover in one article. 

From a political level, the fact that Garofalo is in office with that kind of rationale & thinking puts a terrible look on lawmakers & other political figures across the country & I am glad that people on Twitter echoed that same sentiment. 

My main question for Garofalo would be whether he had this same idea if Kevin Garnett had still been in Minnesota, leading the team to the Western Conference playoffs? 

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