Reviews of NFL Free Agency 2014

So, the NFL Free Agency period has been in complete full swing this season, with some major shakeups across the league. This post will talk about the 3 biggest moves of the period so far. 

Darrelle Revis Signs With The New England Patriots

When Rex Ryan woke up on Wednesday, im sure the last thing he was thinking about was the fact that his Jets will need to face the Patriots twice a year. Well, by Wednesday night, that became a reality as Revis signed a one-year deal to be the lead CB for the New England Patriots, replacing Aqib Talib, who signed the day before in Denver. 
This signing will give the Patriots a bonafide lockdown corner, provided that Revis is fully healed from his ACL surgery in 2012. 
Last season was basically Revis having a rehab stint for the Tampa Bay Bucs, to the tune of $16 million dollars. This will be the season that we find out if Revis can get back to the player that he really was back when he was one of the best defensive players in the NFL
If the Patriots can bring in Brandon Browner from Seattle, who is suspended first 4 games of the 2014 NFL season, that will give the Pats two lockdown CBs for the rest of the upcoming season & that would just leave the front 7 to get worked on through the upcoming NFL Draft

Aqib Talib & DeMarcus Ware Sign With Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos GM John Elway is very hellbent on getting Peyton Manning another SuperBowl ring before he retires, im assuming because Elway is doing absolutely everything this offseason to get the Broncos back into the SuperBowl. 
In one day, the team signed CB Aqib Talib, formerly of New England, as well as long-time Dallas Cowboys DE DeMarcus Ware to sure up a defense that was average at least last season, masked by the fact that Manning would through for 400 yards, 4 touchdowns & the Broncos were outscoring everyone on a consistant basis. 
Talib & Ware are possibly the two best defensive players at their position in the entire NFL. Talib will be a lockdown corner who is at the top of his game statistically & who can completely affect a game all the way around. Ware is the Cowboys all-time sack leader, & even though he is 31 now, Ware still has a ton to give to a winning team & a team who is already prepared to win right now.
With Talib & Ware in Denver now, the record may not get much better, but this is a move that is made for the NFL Playoffs & for a possible showdown in the AFC with the New England Patriots again for a conference championship. This will put far less pressure on Manning to have to be a superhero every week, which he clearly was last season, breaking the record for touchdown passes in a season. 

Golden Tate Signs With Detroit Lions

This signing may come as a surprise to some, but this absolutely made sense for the Lions, who needed a reliable #2 receiver to replace Nate Burleson, & who can complement Calvin Johnson. 
You can say what you want about Tate’s attitude & he may be a true primadonna, but the fact remains that he is a solid NFL receiver & can be a deep threat for QB Matt Stafford. Last season, there were time when it was just Stafford throwing it up in the air & Calvin Johnson jumping between 4 people trying to catch the ball, which would lead to many catches due to the greatness of Johnson, but also to many interceptions & drops, as well. 
Those are it for right now, there are more that we will add in later if we think it actually can make a true change in the NFL landscape next year.If there are some that you think we should mention, definitely let us know! 
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