NCAA Needs To Pay All Athletes Allowances

The NCAA is one of the largest non-profit organizations in the world, bringing in billions each year in their sports, specifically in men’s basketball, women’s basketball, football, & in some schools, baseball. 

But why is it that the athletes don’t adequately see much of that money? Why are the athletes not able to cash in on the EA Sports basketball & football games, the jerseys, t-shirts, & other memorabilia with their likenesses? 

There is a major problem going on & it can be handled with one solution – pay ALL athletes in Division 1, Division 2 & Division 3 levels. 

Many people will have an issue with this stance, & the same people do believe that the main athletes should be paid, which, from a revenue standpoint, are football & basketball. But why not pay student athletes the same amount who play at Dayton, Gonzaga or Boise State the same as a student from Florida, Florida State, Ohio State, Texas or other big schools around the country in all sports. 

All of the athletes at the schools work just as hard as anyone else. Anyone with an answer??? 

Exactly, all of the athletes should be paid a stipend to play collegiate sports. The stipend doesn’t have to be large, but a payout of about $150 a week for the time that they put in with practice, schooling, working out, & just trying to have basic needs should be considered for all athletes. 

With the revenues & profits that the NCAA brings in with the NCAA Tournaments from CBS & ESPN, the former BCS Championship system (now the football playoff), the College World Series TV contracts, & the TV contracts through the many conference-based TV & digital networks, there is over 6 billion dollars that will be brought into the NCAA, which would be more than enough to help out these athletes who may not come from strong families who can afford to give each week to their students. 

The NCAA & some pundits in sports talk & talking heads on TV will say that we can’t fund the sports that don’t bring in the revenue, though, & the football & basketball players should be the only ones taken care of. 

Is it the gymnastics, swimming or track teams fault that people don’t always go out & see those events in the hundreds of thousands every week? They work just as hard as the major revenue athletes, but they are getting royally screwed because they don’t get the recognition for their hard work & they aren’t getting the payments either that would allow them to actually have a social life outside of just school & their sport. 

But what really gets on my nerves with the NCAA at times is the nerve for them to get royally upset if a kid gets a little bit of extra food at the cafeteria or get to make a bit of money off of their autograph or something else NOT involving gambling or betting on games & get in trouble for it. If the NCAA wants to cut out the issues with athletes taking money & costing their universities millions of dollars because of those mistakes, the organization needs to implement the stipend program as soon as possible. 

This is why in college basketball, in particular, there are so many one & done players. The athletes want to see compensation for their work & efforts to take care of their families. In order to make that happen, the universities need to keep their eye on this situation much better & reward the athletes who are bringing these schools millions of dollars – directly or indirectly. 

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