Complete History of Nike Air Jordans Part 2

After strong response to our first post regarding the history of the Nike Air Jordan basketball shoe, the DraftKingsMaster continues its series on the breakdown of the most legendary shoe in history. Also, you can find the Nike Air Jordan shoes at the DraftKingsMaster store. 

Air Jordan XVI – 2001 

Nike Air Jordan XVI
Nike Air Jordan XVI.
Nike Air Jordan XVI – 2001.
As Jordan began to really settle into retirement, the team at Nike created a shoe that reflected his evolution from player to corporate executive by having the leather be a big portion of the shoe. The Air Jordan XVI shoe was available in white/red & black/black color combinations. The shoe was worn by prominent NBA stars at the time such as Quentin Richardson, Michael Finley, Reggie Miller, Darius Miles, & Mike Bibby. 

Air Jordan XVII – 2002

Nike Air Jordan XVII
Nike Air Jordan XVII.
Nike Air Jordan XVII – 2002
The Nike Air Jordan XVII was released in 2002 & was worn by Jordan during his comeback with the Washington Wizards & in the 2003 NBA All-Star Game, which would prove to be Jordan’s last as an active NBA player. At the time, a CD-Rom disc & a metal briefcase was shipped along with the shoe to make the Air Jordan XVII the most expensive shoe to produce for Nike. Top stars such as Kobe Bryant were wearing one of the various color combinations released for the shoe, which featured a hidden quick lace system, a removable mid-foot cover & and a dynamic-fit sleeve. 

Air Jordan XVIII – 2003 

Nike Air Jordan XVIII
Nike Air Jordan XVIII.
Nike Air Jordan XVIII – 2003
The inspiration for the 2003 version of the Nike Air Jordan model – Air Jordan XVIII – was the F1 race car & other high end automobiles.There were 3 versions of the shoe released in 2003 – the black/royal version that was in leather & the white/red & white/royal versions were released in suede. This shoe was worn by Jordan in the 2003 NBA All Star Game. The shoe was also worn by top NBA players such as Richard Hamilton, Scottie Pippen, Ray Allen, Carmelo Anthony & Mike Bibby.

Air Jordan XIX – 2004 

Nike Air Jordan XIX.
The Nike Air Jordan XIX.
The Air Jordan XIX, released in 2004, was the most lightweight Jordan shoe released at this point in the series. It featured a leather toebox, a shank plate made out of carbon fiber & was released in four color combinations – white/red, white/white & gray, black/white, & white/navy.

Air Jordan XX – 2005 

Nike Air Jordan XX
The Nike Air Jordan XX.
Tinker Hatfield, designer of many of the early Jordan shoes, came back to design the Air Jordan XX, the 20th anniversary of the Air Jordan shoe. This version was motivated by Michael’s fascination with motor vehicles. On the strap of the shoe was the laser-embedded Jumpman logo. The shoe was released in white/black/red, chutney/white/black & blue/white/black. 
The shoe was worn by top NBA player Carmelo Anthony during the 2005-2006 season. 

Air Jordan XXI – 2006 

Nike Air Jordan XXI
The Nike Air Jordan XXI.
The Nike Air Jordan XXI was created by D’Wayne Edwards, & was inspired by the Bentley Continental GT Coupe to combine the ideas of style & athletic performance in this version of the shoe. The white/red model of the shoe was made of leather while the red/black version was made of suede. The message for this shoe was for young athletes to let their game speak & create their own moments. The message was conveyed by having the athletes recreate classic Jordan moments. 

Air Jordan XX2 – 2007 

Nike Air Jordan XX2
The Nike Air Jordan XX2.
The Nike Air Jordan XX2 was released in time for Jordan’s 44th birthday, as well as the first ever NBA All-Star Game in Las Vegas. Nike released 15 different color combinations for the shoe, as well as team-specific color combinations for Detroit, Seattle, Atlanta, Denver, & Dallas. The XX2 featured a quilted triangular pattern on the collar, a titanium shank plate, an invisible independent podular suspension system & titanium lace loops/locks. Players who wore the XX2 included Josh Howard, Carmelo Anthony, Joe Johnson, Ray Allen & Richard Hamilton. 

Air Jordan XX3 – 2008 

Nike Air Jordan XX3.
Nike Air Jordan XX3.
The Nike Jordan XX3 was one of the most highly anticipated shoes in history, due to Jordan’s famous number 23. To create a buzz for the shoes, the top 23 locations in the United States. The Air Jordan XX3 was the last of the Jordan shoes to be numbered. 

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