Yasiel Puig Situation May Be Too Much For Dodgers To Handle

This past week, the story came out in LA Magazine that Los Angeles Dodgers OF Yasiel Puig was indirectly tied into a Mexican drug cartel. The situation shows that allegedly Puig owes a guy in Miami $250,000 in return for 20% of Puig’s MLB contract. The man moved Puig into Mexico & from there to the United States. For more on the story itself, check out this ESPN article.

Yasiel Puig
Los Angeles Dodgers OF Yasiel Puig.

From the baseball standpoint, this is looking like a scary situation for the Dodgers franchise. How ironic though – that in Los Angeles – Hollywood – the place where great movies & TV shows with amazing stories take place that one of the most interesting stories of one of the biggest stars in the city of Los Angeles is currently taking place. Which is great for the movies – not for the Dodgers & Major League Baseball.

The Dodgers signed Puig to a 7-year contract last season, even before he was a proven commodity in Major League Baseball, even though it proved to be a good situation for the Dodgers, as Puig led them to the National League Championship Series before losing to the St. Louis Cardinals. Puig has brought a new life to a Dodgers franchise that needed a boost after all of the stuff with Frank McCourt & now with the ownership group that include Magic Johnson, Puig gave the team & city a new baseball star that hasn’t been seen in many years.

But with this new information about Puig & his situation on getting into the United States & the possible ties he may have to situation, the Dodgers may need to think about trading him or releasing him so that they are not held liable for any situations that could arise. Puig is one of the most dynamic players in baseball, but its very clear that there are some maturity issues that he has to overcome. During the early part of this baseball season, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly sat Puig one day for being late to the stadium, which is a culmination of other situations that have happened that have gone without punishment to Puig.

The Dodgers will need to monitor this situation closely, as if they are to trade him, now would be the time to deal him while he has a ton of value. Puig will be one of the best players in the game as time goes on, but the key will be if the situation off the field can resolve itself. If it can & the only thing the Dodgers have to worry about is Puig being a bit immature, that’s livable. Having connections with a cartel is not.

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