NBA Playoffs Showing That Anyone Can Be Beat – No Matter The Odds

This weekend, the NBA playoffs got going & so far, the biggest thing we have learned so far is that no one is to be taken without any seriousness. The NBA has been focused so hard on a potential Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers NBA Eastern Conference Finals matchup that we have missed the idea that there is great talent across the board right now that is hungry & enjoying chillin under the radar.

The Indiana Pacers Decided Not To Show Up Early In The NBA Playoffs.

After game 1 of the Pacers/Hawks series, its very clear that the Pacers are just not right. They are playing very relaxed basketball with no real sense of purpose. The team has been under .500 since March, & truly didn’t show the fight that is needed to win a championship, or even work hard to rest the #1 seed away from the Miami Heat. They eventually did, but only because Miami decided to rest up as well.

Roy Hibbert
Indiana Pacers Roy Hibbert has not been living up to his reputation as a big time defensive player during the last month of the season.

Right now, the Pacers look disinterested & possibly trying to send a message that things need to change. Oddly enough, so much has changed since Danny Granger left to be with the Los Angeles Clippers. Granger didn’t play very much but was the glue that kept the lockerroom together for the majority of the season. If things don’t change soon, the Atlanta Hawks, with their young talent & their nothing to lose attitude could send the Pacers home in one of the biggest shocks in NBA playoff history, & a complete waste of a season where the team spoke all year about wanting to have home court advantage because that was the key to beating the Heat.

Right now, the Pacers could hold the Miami Heat’s jockstraps, let alone stay with them in a 7-game series.

The Chicago Bulls Just Don’t Have Enough Offense To Stay With the Washington Wizards.

The Chicago Bulls have won games in the past with their defensive-first mentality & the ability to get major stops when they need it.

The problem is that when they need to score, its difficult at times. The Bulls were up 13 points in the second half against the Wizards, until John Wall, Bradley Beal & Martin Gortat led the Wizards back to score an upset victory over the Bulls.

Again, another situation of the Bulls not only not being able to score, but taking the Wizards forgranted as an afterthought, as most teams in the East in particular, are looking forward to seeing what their chances are going to be against the Miami Heat or Indiana Pacers.


What is happening right now is that anyone can beat anymore. No matter what Vegas, ESPN or anyone else says can & will happen.


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