NFL Schedule Breakdown – Week 4

Week 4 is another interesting week in the 2014 NFL Schedule. We will get some interesting division matchups, but more of the plain high powered games with elite teams in 2013. Of course, by this point we will have some good ideas of who is going to do what & who is going to be the successful franchises for the rest of the season.

This is also the last week that teams & games are not subject to the flex scheduling format, as in Week 5, games can be flexed around from 1:00 p.m. to 4:25 & from either one of those times to the Sunday Night Football matchup  later that day at 8:30.  Here is the breakdown for Week 4.

New York Giants @ Washington Redskins – 8:30 – Thursday Night Football – CBS

The Giants & Redskins have one of the most heated rivalries in the history of the NFL, not only the NFC East. The Washington Redskins will have the return (healthy) of Robert Griffin III this season to hopefully his rookie year self when he was absolutely on a tear through the entire NFL with his ability to get the ball down the field with his arm & his great speed ability.

He now has a #1 WR in DeSean Jackson, who comes over from the Philadelphia Eagles & has been one of the big best big play receivers in the league since he came into the NFL from Cal.

Jackson reportedly had issues with gang ties, which was reported in an story, but for the most part, that story has died off & the focus is back on football.

Eli Manning will be coming off of his back surgery & will be looking to have a big game against his heated rivals & their revamped defense, while the Giants have Victor Cruz and………………….

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears – 1:00 p.m. FOX

This game marks the first time the teams will have met since the Packers beat the Bears in Week 17 last year to go to the NFL Playoffs. Im a bit surprised that the game is a 1:00 p.m. game with the high level of play that both of these teams will most likely exhibit, but on this week, there is some strong competition for this game to go against, so I guess I can’t be too mad about it.  It will be the first time that DE Julius Peppers goes back to Chicago to play against his former team, which will be a hot topic for sure.

Carolina Panthers @ Baltimore Ravens – 1:00 p.m. CBS

This game  will be interesting simply due to former Panthers WR Steve Smith telling people to wear their hardhats & goggles because it will be a bloodbath when the Panthers play the Ravens, as in he wants to get back at the Panthers for letting him go. Apparently, this game will be similar to the movie “Sin City.”

New Orleans Saints @ Dallas Cowboys – NBC Sunday Night Football – 8:30

The Saints will go into AT&T Stadium to face the Cowboys in a game that I fully expect to be the most offensive game between both sides all year long. Neither defense is any good & both offenses can light it up through the air, so this could be some amazing must see television, seeing Drew Brees & Tony Romo possibly have such great games that it honestly will come down to who has the ball last in this one.



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