NBA Playoff Preview – Pacers vs Wizards

We are a bit late on this preview because of other updates around the DraftKingsMaster to prepare for the NFL Draft on Thursday night, but we are still going to preview the Indiana Pacers v Washington Wizards NBA Playoff series from a bit of a different perspective since the Washington Wizards have already taken a 1-0 series lead on the Pacers after last night’s win.

Roy Hibbert Has To Get His Head Straight

The Indiana Pacers seem to be coming apart at the seems right now  & most of the issues seem to be starting with center Roy Hibbert. Last night, Hibbert had 0 points & 0 rebounds, which is a sign of a lack of effort & desire to be great. Flat out.

Roy Hibbert
Indiana Pacers C Roy Hibbert giving the same look that many Pacers fans have right now regarding their team & most notably, his play.

On Inside the NBA, Shaq said something very interesting in that you can’t practice rebounding. Rebounding is an effort activity & it shows that Hibbert isn’t putting out effort right now.

There have been some rumors around the internet about personal issues going on with the Pacers team, particularly between Roy Hibbert & Pacers Forward Paul George where possibly George slept with Hibbert’s fiance & that’s why Hibbert’s mind hasn’t been focused on where it should be, & why George’s play hasn’t really been the best either.

No matter what it is, Hibbert is a professional NBA basketball player & in the playoffs, there has to be some kind of effort & desire in order to be great. With Hibbert being a non-factor right now, the Wizards are going to play in a way that will get them to a 4-game sweep at this rate.

The Washington Wizards Are Better Than We Thought.

In a bad NBA Eastern Conference this year, the Washington Wizards were thought of as a good, young team who probably wouldn’t make a lot of dust in the playoffs right now. Were we all wrong. The Wizards are dominant on the road in the playoffs this year, they understand pressure situations & John Wall & Bradley Beal are quite possibly the best guard combination in the entire NBA.

With the toughness & gritty play of Nene & the ability to extend the floor with Trevor Ariza, the Wizards have a formidable unit that can compete with any team in the East, especially with a Pacers squad that is not playing like a real unit right now.

The Wizards took apart the Pacers last night very methodically. Slowly, but swiftly at the same time. If Hibbert is not going to guard the middle, look for the bigs of the Wizards to get inside & start to dominate & go right at the Pacers front line of Hibbert & David West & show no fear against them.

This series is not looking like its going to be a stretch for the Washington Wizards. I have seen this with other teams in the past, when something fishy is going on off the court, the team has a way of playing down to competition & the heart & passion go away. The Pacers heart is gone. Flat out.


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