Sports or Sex?

In today’s culture, we know that men & women are very different in terms of how we think about certain activities that we partake in. One of the biggest differences is the idea of watching sports vs. having sex & the pros & cons of both.

For many people, especially men, having sex & watching your favorite team are two of the greatest pleasures that you can have. But there are advantages & disadvantages. If you had to choose one or the other, which would it be?

Today, we will have a bit of fun with this topic & break down both as well as we can without going over the line, & we welcome your comments on this.

Benefits of watching sports over having sex.

– Watching sports is always consistent, you don’t always know when you are going to have sex next.

– When you are watching your favorite team, you will either see them win or lose, but you get over it pretty quickly. With sex, if its a bad experience, it will stay with you for a little bit & you will be doing everything you can personally to try to make it all better with getting medications like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, going to a shrink, all kinds of weird stuff.

Kevin Durant
Many people root for the Oklahoma City Thunder & its star player, Kevin Durant. Would you rather root for him or………
Nikki Bella
Or do just about anything remotely sexual with Nikki Bella?

– Sports networks are endless on the TV screen – there is always a  game to watch instantly or SportsCenter. Sex is never endless. There is work that will always go into every time you will go into having sexual encounters.

– Being able to eat while watching sports & having a cold drink, most times probably beer. In sex well…………………you eat, but not necessarily actual food. Ill just leave it at that.

– Sex most times is only good for about 30 minutes to an hour. A game gives you 3 hours of bliss or if you are an NFL or college football fan, about 10 hours on a Saturday & Sunday. The sex is available for before, after & during halftimes.

– If you are looking forward to a big game with two great teams, most times, the game lives up to the hype. Let’s be honest, sex does NOT always live up to the hype, no matter what happens. The expectations are just way too high.


Benefits of having sex over watching sports.

– Sex is a major stress reliever. It can clear your mind & help you function so much better as as a contributing member of society. Sports, while exciting, can be far more stressful when cheering for your favorite team.

– Sex can be there for you early in the morning when you first wake up & gets your day going in a big way, if you are with the right person. Sports is nice & can do a bit of the same, but it doesn’t have nearly the same impact that a good sexual encounter can have to get you out of the door ready to take on the world.

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– The excitement over the climax of a sexual encounter stays with you far longer than the epic moment of Jordan hitting a big shot, LeBron getting a big dunk, Brady throwing a game-winning touchdown pass or a college team winning a national championship. Sexual climax is more like an internal body earthquake, a sports climax is like a tiny tremor in the grand scheme of things.

– Sex will always be around & will only evolve. Your favorite teams will only be together for so long; when its over, its over & there may have to be rebuilding for years in the future. A rough sexual experience is easy to come back from & rebuild on.

Conclusion – Sex Wins, But Barely.

Given the points made in this article, sex wins, but only by a small margin. Sports are amazing & some days can be far better than sex, or even thinking about sex. But, the key is the orgasm moment that you can give a woman (or other man if that’s your think or other women if that’s your thing too, but for this article, its to a woman) you just can’t replicate in anything else on Earth really.


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