Sports & Sex Part 2 – Sex During NFL, College Football Season

After receiving great feedback on the first post regarding our fun post on sports & sex, we decided to do a follow-up to it to explore a bit more. Many people wrote back to me about how its bad to compare the act of sex to watching a game & how its so wrong to compare, blah, blah, blah.

We aren’t seeing the problem, here, but we will work on equating this a bit better. In the world today, outside of money, sports & sex are two of the most passionate activities that people are involved in at anytime in the world. At the end of the day, you will most likely have both the sports & the sex, but can you have one or the other?

Think about this……millions of people watch the NFL. The NFL is the most popular sports league in the United States, by far. So many people, especially men, forget about their sex lives during NFL & college football seasons & that is unhealthy for your mental setup, probably your physical setup & definitely not good for your marriage/dating relationship.

Because of the amazing feedback, we have drawn up a gameplan on how to balance a good love life during football season. (Note, college football is traditionally on Saturdays, NFL is on Sundays, both lasting from around noon to approximately 11:00 p.m.)

Look For Breaks In Game (End of Quarters, Halftime, In-Between Games)

As most sports fans know, most football games have an insane amount of breaks built-in. Between all of the commercials, pregame shows, pre-pregame shows, the 4 hour pregame shows, the post-game shows, there are many parts of the day when there isn’t actual relevant action taking place.

Those are the times to satisfy your partner. At the end of quarters, you typically have been 5-10 minutes before the game kicks off again when the game goes to break to switch ends for the next quarter.

(Disclaimer – these relationships are focused more towards the heterosexual side for purposes of this article.)

Let’s be honest, most of us men don’t need a whole heck of a lot of time to do our thing, maybe about 30-45 minutes at most here. Obviously, you don’t have that much time for an intense romantic rendezvous, but you can go away for a bit of a “quickie” – possibly some quicker oral & actions with the hands.

This is outstanding for a few reasons. At the end of quarters, either most sports fans are so excited that we are in a great mood after our teams have had a great few minutes or we are pissed because our team is behind & we are trying to release some extreme tension. Having sex between quarters is an excellent way to calm the nerves, get your head & mind back & for your partner, its a great way to have some wild fun throughout the day & be hyped & energetic anyway because the game has already gotten you fired up.

Do you really need a recap at halftime anyway? Make that time useful.

Halftime is even better for this theory. Why do you need a recap of all of the other games in the league that you can easily get at the halftime of the next game or during a postgame show? With the way that ESPN, NFL Network, FOX, CBS & ABC keep us all updated on what’s going on whenever we choose to have the information, whether on the computer, smartphone, NFL Sunday Ticket, NFL RedZone, Sportscenter – you will always be in the know with what’s going on.

Halftime of a football game is somewhere between 15-20 minutes. More than enough time to have some fun time with your lady. No excuses, guys. I will hear about “but I gotta get my beer & food all laid out & replenished.”

You get around that by having that pre-prepared earlier in the day or the night before. Stick the food in the refrigerator or mini-fridge so that’s all taken care of, so when your lady wants love & satisfaction from you, that’s when you have the opportunity to go for it.

There is enough time during halftime to get aroused, get a bit of foreplay in & do the act & be finished before the half is over, or at most, you miss 1-2 minutes of action. Plus, if you stop & don’t give all of the tricks early on, gives her something to look forward to later on. Both of you will appreciate this greatly.

Why All The Pregame Shows? Early Morning Sex Before NFL & College Football Is Fun

As most sports fans know, all of the networks give you a ton of pregame shows before the games begin either at noon on Saturdays for college football or 1:00 p.m. for the NFL.

After a while, you know probably everything you need to know going into an upcoming week of games in the league, so take that time to take care of the girlfriend or the wife. Most of us guys have complained at some point or another about how we wish we were with a woman who enjoyed sports & would watch with us a lot more or be passionate about it.

If you can find that person, that’s awesome. You better keep her forever & never mess it up. But if you don’t, that’s okay, too. Celebrate your differences, but don’t completely forget about her needs & desires as well. Most times, VERY FEW women will sit for 10 or 11 hours on Saturdays & Sundays in the fall like us & try to watch every game, but sometimes, when they are upset, its because we completely forget about the other things going on around us & not taking care of our responsibilities because we let go of everything because of football.

It’s not worth it. Its not worth blowing an opportunity for fun with your woman. Most football fans are normally up at an early part of the day to watch the pregame shows to find out about what is going on with their fantasy football rosters in terms of who’s playing, who’s sitting, etc.

Why deal with a fantasy roster when the real woman is right there in your house for you?!?!?!

You have a good 2-3 hours to have an amazing sexual day before you even think of the game starting! Use it! Go all out. We know that in the morning, there is already full arousal going on, so go with it. Don’t be afraid to have an amazing night of sex because its gameday.

Having romantic intimacy & showing your partner that you care will go a long way in your love life & your everyday relationship status.

Use NFL & College Jerseys To Spice Things Up

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a woman in a sexy sports jersey? Pretty much no guy is going to be against this idea.

sexy women sports
What guy doesn’t love seeing a hot woman in a football uniform? pretty much no one.

For a guy, this is one of the ultimate hottest things that can happen that will get a guy going during a game or during a season.

Yes, it may sound a bit odd or stupid, but its showing that the lady can be fun, show a little interest in the sport & make it sexy all at once.


There are so many things that can happen to make a football weekend hot & fun. It just takes time, patience & some ingenuity & you will have it.



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