NFL Schedule Breakdown – Week 12

We are at almost the final quarter of the NFL schedule breakdown, the last week before Thanksgiving. There are some nice matchups this week, especially some games that will most likely have some playoff implications as we stand today. Here are the games that we are looking at this week.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland Raiders – Thursday Night Football – NFL Network

The Kansas City Chiefs & Oakland Raiders have had one of the longest rivalries in the history of the NFL, going back to the old AFL days before the merger of the two leagues.

Both teams have the potential to have very solid teams, with the Chiefs potentially being able to build off of last season’s playoff run with Andy Reid, Jamaal Charles & Alex Smith running the ship in Kansas City.

The main question will be where are the Oakland Raiders by this point. The Raiders are rebuilt with Matt Schaub, Justin Tuck & Lamarr Woodley, but the team needs to be in posiiton to be on a path to at least be a contender for a playoff spot or it will just be the Raiders being………………….the Raiders.

But playoff spot available or not, the Chiefs & Raiders always have a fight when they get together in the black hole in Oakland.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Chicago Bears – 1:00 p.m. – FOX

This game may not have a lot on the line in terms of a playoff spot for the Bucs, but it will be Bucs’ coach Lovie Smith first return to Chicago, where he led the Bears to various playoff appearances & a SuperBowl appearance in 2006 where the team lost to the Indianapolis Colts.

Lovie Smith brought attitude & style to the Bears defense, which was one of the most feared in the history of the NFL with Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Tank Johnson & others leading the Bears to being able to literally being able to win games on their own, when the offense was just terrible for many of those seasons, even the run to the SuperBowl.

From a fan’s standpoint, many Bears fans who hated then-quarterback Rex Grossman always remember Lovie Smith after every single week saying after a bad Grossman game – “Rex is our quarterback.”

Detroit Lions @ New England Patriots

The Detroit Lions @ New England Patriots game could be one that is flexed out later in the season. This game features stars beyond stars in Ndamakong Suh, Matthew Stafford, Tom Brady, Darrelle Revis, Calvin Johnson, Reggie Bush & others.

Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson & the Detroit Lions have to prove that the team is ready to take the next level to being among thet NFL elite against the New England Patriots in Week 12.

In the past, the Lions have typically not done well in big games such as this, but with the offensive improvements the Lions have made through the NFL Draft & possibly through pickups throughout the season, the Lions should be in position to be a viable NFL playoff team, & going against Tom Brady & the New England Patriots, who will most likely be hovering around the top of the AFC & in the SuperBowl hun, has to be a game that helps propel the Lions into being truly considered one of the better teams in the NFL.

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