NFL Schedule Breakdown – Week 17

We are at the end of our 2014 NFL Schedule Breakdown as we are at week 17. In week 17, the NFL has set it up to where all games are divisional rivalries, no preset Sunday night games & the Monday Night Football season is over. This year, week 17 has some potentially interesting matchups that fans should look forward to, but only if there favorite teams aren’t in the hunt by that point.

Here are some of those games –

Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers – 1:00, FOX

This game could absolutely have big playoff implications, & with another twist – the Lions have not beaten the Packers in Lambeau field in over 20 years. If a playoff spot for the Lions comes down to the final week, guarantee that Lions fans will be going absolutely insane with regret & dread over playing at Lambeau in December, in the snow potentially.

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins

The Cowboys & Redskins have one of the most intense rivalries in the history of the NFL. Because of the drama that the Cowboys brings every week of the season, this could be a game that could be flexed into the Sunday Night Football on NBC spot.

The Cowboys offense is going to have to lead the team to the playoffs this year, especially with the injury to LB Sean Lee. Knowing that means far more pressure on QB Tony Romo, this could be a hit-or-miss for the Cowboys, looking at Romo’s track record in the past.

Robert Griffin III
Robert Griffin III will hopefully be back completely from his injury to have put his Washington team in position to win the NFC East against the Cowboys in Week 17.

For the Redskins, its going to be about Robert Griffin III & wondering if he is really all the way back from his injury in 2012. I think RG3 will be back & will have been able to steer the Redskins to a chance to win the NFC East over the hated Cowboys, especially having Desean Jackson as a top wide receiver.

To be honest, those are the two main matchups to keep an eye on. If there are some other matchups that warrant some hype, we will absolutely update this post later in the season. Thank you all so much for reading these posts for the last few weeks & lets have a great NFL season.

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