WWE Legends House Episode 3 Review

We got a bit behind on our WWE Legends House reviews, but we are back on top of it today with episode 3. This episode had the guys going to the bowling alley to take on some of the local Palm Springs “bowling queens.”

WWE Legends House
Roddy Piper & Tony Atlas shooting a silly commercial for Flaco Flamingo during WWE Legends House. I don’t know why but this is all kinds of weird to me.

As an actual member of a bowling league & tournament bowler for many years, I cringed yet laughed at how bad the WWE legends were in this. It was absolutely hilarious television but my goodness, watching Gene Okerlund & Howard Finkel try to throw a ball down a lane with even a shred of grace was absolutely hilarious yet terribly sad.

The legends lost to the bowling queens, but it was all-in-all, very entertaining.

However, the fun was only beginning. The good people in the production sent in the lovely Ashley Roberts, & decided that it was a good idea to have them film a commercial. The teams were split into two – Pat Patterson, Gene Okerlund, Jimmy Hart & Hillbilly Jim while the other team had Rowdy Roddy Piper, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Tony Atlas, & Howard Finkel.

Pat Patterson Legends House
Pat Patterson getting soaked at the car wash by accident during episode 3 of WWE Legends House.

Okerlund’s team made a funny car wash commercial with Patterson giving some very funny references that got a huge laugh out of the cast & out of me. Piper’s team made a really weird & creepy commercials about some guy who drives around the area with plastic flamingos in his car & uses them at parties. Their commercial was called Flacko Flamingo.

Ashley WWE Legends House
The beautiful Ashley Roberts from WWE Legends House.


At the end, the Flamingo commercial won & they get to take a limosine to Las Vegas while the others had to ride in a commercial van. The show ended with Piper’s limo getting pulled over so next week we find out what happens with that situation.

The episode overall was pretty strong, the making of the commercials were funny, particularly from Gene Okerlund’s team as well as the overall bowling stuff. Great comedy & a little less crazy drama this time around. We are definitely seeing that Tony Atlas is getting annoyed though, so stay tuned.

The Legends House cast did a great interview on Grantland where you can see their podcast below. Enjoy. Catch WWE Legends House every Thursday at 8:00 p.m. on WWE Network.


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