LeBron James Haters – Ya’ll Look Stupid

How many of you have ever played sports? Legitimate sports? If you have played, you know that injuries play a key role in your development because it is how the human body is made up. It can only take so much punishment. However, many NBA fans feel as though LeBron James should be superhuman & can’t cramp up at times when the gym he is playing in is extremely too hot & unplayable.

LeBron James Cramps
LeBron James being helped off the court after suffering from leg cramps during game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals.

As you all know by now, James was taken off of the court when his leg cramped up during the 4th quarter of the San Antonio Spurs NBA Finals game 1 win against the Miami Heat. James sweated out the electrolytes & fluids in his system & the body basically locked up. It happens, not the biggest deal in the world.

What gets me is that fans out on social media are ripping LeBron for basically not playing through it & being more of a team player. His body locked up! He can only do so much as a human being, which yes, athletes are still human beings, they can just do far more than the average person. LeBron has a history of cramping in these situations, which is something that his sponsor, Powerade, should be looking at in terms of better hydration methods in extreme circumstances. The Miami Heat staff should have seen this coming when it was announced that the air conditioning unit was broken in the arena & made sure all of their players were getting the proper treatments on the sidelines to possibly prevent this.

What I don’t understand is why are people not jumping on the Spurs organization more? Is it because they have such a prestine reputation that they are above reproach when it was their power situation that messed up the air conditioning unit in the first place? Or is it because so many fans have such a dislike for LeBron because of how he went to the Heat, formed the “Big 3” & left a blue-collar town like Cleveland high & dry?

No matter what it is, people have to understand that James made a business decision back then & he has moved on, knew he made a mistake & has made a Hall-of-Fame career out of it. The fans are forever looking to make a bigger situation out of something because they are upset with themselves, or their lives, or are jealous of guys like James. The fans may have played sports at a high level, couldn’t make it & are out ripping him because he gets the hype, knowing full well that if they were in his situation, they would have made the same decision & if they definitely had a cramp the likes of what it looked like James was suffering from, they would have absolutely been out & there would be no questions asked.

Professional athletes are a completely different breed of athlete, not the person who plays in rec league basketball or beer league softball. These athletes are fine tuned to be the best in their field in terms of being the most talented, having the best conditioning & being the biggest assets to their professional organizations. If James has a bad cramp that is so terrible to keep him out of game 1 of the NBA Finals, a platform that his career is going to be based on in the future, then it has to be legitimate & the fans need to shut up about it because they are just looking like complete idiots, ripping him on Facebook, Twitter & more.

At the end of the day, fans need to just calm it down some & realize that no matter what, you will not be LeBron James, not know what he feels like & that we would all be ready to just topple over in pain too if we were going through all of that. When other athletes are standing up for him in understanding, believe me, the fans who are ripping James, look pretty stupid.

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