California Chrome Keep Triple Crown Drought Alive

On Saturday, over 100,000 people filled Belmont, New York in hopes to see just a glimpse of history – a horse to win the famed Visa Triple Crown, something that hasn’t happened since 1978.

Unfortunately, California Chrome, the horse going for his spot in history, didnt have a chance going down the stretch. That happens at the Belmont Stakes, the longest track in the major 3 races (Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes),
but when the owner of the favorite comes out and complains about the ills of horse racing.

A horse named Tonalist ended up winning the event, drawing the fire of the California Chrome owners, who feel Tonalist shouldn’t have been allowed to run in this race because he didn’t run in the previous races. Boo. Freaking. Hoo.

I wish I could generate a care about this apparent injustice in horse racing, a sport that most people pretend to be diehard fans of three weeks out of the year, giving us breakdowns on sports radio and sounding as though they are millionaires strictly on betting on horses.

Horse racing was awesome decades before I was even born, and after tonight, most people will forget about this horse and this race. It was a magical ride while it lasted, but if there is a real injustice to stop, lets make sure none of these fine horses are killed aftet the race and get better legislation in the care of these prestine animals.

That will be the big win – the day innocent horses dont have to go down because they didn’t perform up to standards.

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