The Miami Heat Could Add Carmelo Anthony – NBA Fans Will Rejoice

Carmelo Anthony should go to the Miami Heat. No questions asked. It makes the most sense from a basketball standpoint, from a winning standpoint, & from the idea that the Miami Heat are one of the premier franchises in the NBA & even though the fans are complaining about it right now, the league would absolutely love it, profit from it, & build the overall fan base.

Carmelo Anthony Miami Heat
Could this be Carmelo Anthony’s Miami Heat uniform next season?

Or would they?

In 2011, the league blocked a trade that would have sent PG Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers & created a superteam (& most likely change how the entire NBA is right now), but because the league owned the team & was trying to find a new owner, it would have been hard to entice someone to purchase the franchise at the time to have Paul – the franchise player – leave New Orleans.

That is absolutely not the case in this situation. Anthony has the option of opting out of the final year of his contract & declining the $22 million player option on his deal for next season, thus becoming an unrestricted free agent. If Melo left the Knicks, the organization would be set back for the next few seasons, especially considering that the Knicks don’t have a first-round NBA draft pick this year & many players on the team have ridiculously large contracts that have player options for the upcoming season.

Anthony can not win an NBA Championship in New York City. Not anytime soon, at least. By taking a pay cut & going to Miami to play with the “Big 3” – who could use a considerable boost of energy for that organization, it will create an even bigger dynasty & the NBA would be better for it.

However, if you look on social media, the NBA fans seem to believe that this would be terrible for the league & are talking big about not watching the league next season or never watching again or not going to games. Stop. That’s a bunch of crap. The fans who are die hard NBA fans, or even casual ones, are not going anywhere anytime soon & having Carmelo Anthony & LeBron James together on the same team would absolutely cause the biggest stir in sports & make the Miami Heat the most watched & most intriguing franchise in all of sports.

From a basketball on-court standpoint, the 4 guys working together would be fine. The Miami Heat defensive philosophy will propel Anthony to want to play more defense, & none of the guys on the team are incredibly selfish in terms of shooting the ball. People can say that Anthony is, but on the New York Knicks, he has to be the #1, #2 & #3 legitimate options for scoring.

In terms of having role players, the Heat philosophy allows for players to come to Miami who have some experience or maybe at the end of their rope & they come to South Beach for a championship run, which has worked in the last 2 NBA Championships & has brought them to their 4th NBA Finals appearance.

The main reason that the Miami Heat marriage works for Anthony is honestly because there isn’t another team in the league that can truly bring Anthony a legit chance to win a championship right now. The only other team that could even be a decent threat would be the Houston Rockets with Dwight Howard & James Harden. Many thought that the Los Angeles Lakers could have been a contender at some point, but without a coach in place & very little that is known about the future of the team roster, the Lakers are not looked at as being a team that is in true contention for a championship run. The Clippers are dealing with the fallout of the Donald Sterling situation. The Chicago Bulls don’t know if Derrick Rose will be back next season & be back to his MVP form.

In a financial sense, the Miami Heat top players would have to take significant paycuts to bring in Anthony, but many of the players would recoup that lost money in endorsement deals, so I don’t see that being as big of an issue as many would believe.

By process of elimination alone, Carmelo Anthony to the Miami Heat makes sense. Who cares if it builds a superteam, if a player wants to win, he will do anything he can to make that happen, and at the day, you will still want to watch to see what is going to happen every night.

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