NFL Team Preview – Denver Broncos – AFC West

The Denver Broncos had a great 2013 season by all respects. They cruised to the AFC West championship, beat the New England Patriots & the great Tom Brady to get to the SuperBowl, & Peyton Manning threw for 55 touchdown passes, an NFL record for TDs in a season. However, by their standards, the season was a failure because of how bad the team got destroyed by the Seattle Seahawks defense in the SuperBowl.

Peyton Manning
Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning will be looking to finish off his Hall of Fame career with a Superbowl victory this season on an improved Broncos team.

Denver Broncos GM/President John Elway felt that the team needed to upgrade in key areas & the Broncos absolutely did that by bringing in Aqib Talib from the Patriots, DeMarcus Ware, the DE/LB from the Dallas Cowboys & Emmanuel Sanders at the WR position from the Pittsburgh Steelers to replace Eric Decker, who signed a free agent deal with the New York Jets (why? I am not sure, Im sure it probably has to do with his wife Jessie James wanting to be a true celebrity & he not being deeply into football & winning, but that’s his thing, I guess).

Denver Broncos Offense

The Denver Broncos offense will always be in top form because of quite possibly the greatest quarterback of all-time, Peyton Manning, making many of the calls at the line of scrimmage. His ability to get players in the right positions all over the field optimizes a player’s ability to succeed & permeates throughout the entire organization, let alone just the offensive unit.

The only two questions that will need to be dealt with will be whether the Broncos can get the same amount of production out of the running back position with Montee Ball & Ronnie Hillman now that Knowshon Moreno is in Miami with the Dolphins & can the Broncos running backs get more of a physical game going for the 4th quarter instead of having all of the pressure on Manning to make every play, every big situation & every decision when teams like Seattle & other top quality NFL defenses that are used to Manning’s style figure him out & can key in on his receivers.

If those two areas are figured out, the Broncos will be right back where they need to be, back in the Superbowl, with a different outcome.

Denver Broncos Defense

The Broncos made two massive moves to make their defense among the best in the NFL – signing Ware from the Cowboys to be at the defensive end position permanently in the 4-3 scheme & having Talib from the Patriots to be that lockdown cornerback that Champ Bailey used to patrol for many seasons.

The team also gets better through their own team – having Von Miller back for the start of the season & having that linebacking core in tact from the beginning will be a huge help for cohesion throughout the start of the season.

Denver Broncos Record Prediction

The Broncos will win the AFC & get back to the SuperBowl over the New England Patriots. Manning is more driven than ever to win one more ring before he goes off into the sunset & I am not sold that Seattle can repeat their amazing defensive performance again to get back to the big game to even take on Denver. Record – 14-2.

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