NFL Team Preview – Tennessee Titans – AFC South

The Tennessee Titans are one of those teams who aren’t really terrible, but not even close to being great either. They are right in the middle. Good enough to cause a bit of trouble for a playoff contender if they aren’t paying attention, but if the playoff team is paying attention, it should be an easy road to a victory.

This coming season, it could be much worse, as the Titans are basically a 6-10 team this coming year. They have nice pieces, but nothing that could really resemble a strong team & nothing to build on for the future. Quarterback Jake Locker has to show something this year after coming off an injury-plagued season, but the issue is that Locker doesn’t have the weapons around him that will allow his talents to really show. When your #1 receiver is Nate Washington, that’s not going to work, in any way, shape, or form.

The Titans did draft him some protection on the offensive line, bringing in Taylor Lewan from Michigan with the #11 overall pick in the NFL Draft, but it won’t help that the Titans have no gamebreakers on offense now that Chris Johnson signed with the New York Jets in the offseason. Ryan Fitzpatrick tried to hold it together as long as he could as a strong backup to Locker, but he is now in Houston, looking to be the starter for the Houston Texans this upcoming season.

On defense, the Titans were basically average, but further ahead than their offense. The franchise has always had a defensive mentality, which keeps them in most games every season, but this year, it may not be enough if the offense is only able to put up 17 points per game. The Titans secondary is strong with Bernard Pollard, Michael Griffin & Jason McCourty, but they aren’t elite to where they can be consistently counted on to stop big time receivers again & again.

As stated earlier, the Titans are a 6-10 or even 7-9 this coming season. If the offense doesn’t get drastically better, the team could be even lower than the 6-10, but the mentality of the team & the ability to sneak up on good teams & cause trouble should do much keep them in many games this year, but to little result.

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