NFL Team Preview – Dallas Cowboys – NFC East

It wouldn’t be a true offseason with us thinking that the Dallas Cowboys are going to be going to the SuperBowl this coming season. Or at least Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants to believe so each season. This season, however, there is a chance that there could be some assemblance of truth to that.

Tony Romo
Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo is the sole key to the team having a half-decent season.

The NFC East is not as strong as it used to be, as the New York Giants, the Washington team & the Philadelphia Eagles are not as strong or as talented from top to bottom as the Cowboys, at least on paper.  The team lost DE DeMarcus Ware in the offseason to the Denver Broncos, which will be huge loss to that defense as Ware has been one of the most dominant linebackers/defensive ends in the NFL, let alone the Dallas Cowboys.

Even with that major loss, the Cowboys will be expected to make big waves this season, especially with the new extension that quarterback Tony Romo signed last offseason & with Jason Witten & Dez Bryant in their prime. The Cowboys offense does have room to grow however, as they ranked 14th in passing last year & 24th in rushing. Much of that can be contributed to Kyle Orton being the starter towards the end of the season after Romo had to go down & have surgery on his back.

If Romo is fully healthy this coming season, he can be one of the leaders in passing in the league, but the question is whether Romo can stay healthy for 16 games. If he can, the Cowboys in the NFC East going away. If not, the team will fall off & will honestly need to question whether or not Romo is the future of the quarterback position in Dallas & should the Cowboys have drafted Johnny Manziel in the first round to possibly back up Romo as opposed to Zach Martin, the offensive tackle from Notre Dame.

With the defense not having any players who are considered big time talent, especially with middle linebacker Sean Lee out for the season with a torn ACL, all of the pressure is squarely on the offense & even more specifically on Romo’s shoulders. Romo has the offensive talent to outscore many teams, but here is the problem – can Romo handle all of the shoulder of leading the Cowboys, plus deal with a possible Dez Bryant meltdown at some point in the season.

Dez plays with great passion & intensity for the game, but there were many times last year, particularly against the Detroit Lions & Green Bay Packers, where Bryant had major lapses in mental focus in the game & took some of the attention away from the team needing to win those games & being in position to win those games which would have put them squarely in the playoffs instead of having to play the Philadelphia Eagles in the last week of the season & losing the NFC East. This has to be a major season for Bryant. He has to show that he is truly among the top 3 receivers in the NFL, especially with wanting a new contract shortly.

The Cowboys have to show fans that this team that Jones has put together in a billion dollar stadium is worth the time & the moniker of being America’s Team as they love to put out there to the public.

The predicted record  for the Cowboys is 11-5 & a win of the NFC East Division championship, only if Romo is healthy.



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