NFL Team Preview – Carolina Panthers – NFC South

There is only one question about the Carolina Panthers that makes me wonder if they are truly an NFC Championship team or a team that can win the NFC South – can the team find a #1 wide receiver or trade for one very soon? Having a passing game that is 29th in the NFL trumps their top 5 level defense as well as their top-10 running game.

Cam Newton
Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton needs a big time receiver to get the ball to in order to replace Steve Smith. Possibly Andre Johnson from the Houston Texans?

The team clearly needs to be in the running to get Andre Johnson from the Houston Texans. It’s clear that Johnson wants out of Houston because of the rebuilding process that is taking place & the fact that he is 33 years old & his clock for winning a championship is quickly winding down. The Carolina Panthers are a team that is in prime position to make a run right now & with Cam Newton quickly approaching his prime, he needs that big play wide receiver to replace Steve Smith, who signed with the Baltimore Ravens in the offseason.

The team drafted Kelvin Benjamin out of Florida State, but the team can’t be put into a rookie’s hands for long-term success.

The Carolina Panthers have every piece on the team, from top to bottom, offense to defense in place, but their success in the league this year will clearly depend on whether the team can get Andre Johnson or another big time wide receiver through a trade. Johnson, in particular, would be the best help to Newton in that he isn’t afraid to go across the middle to make plays & can take a slant pattern to the house with his speed.

Johnson, along with Benjamin, could be another great duo in the NFL & Johnson can teach Benjamin how to be a true NFL professional. If the Panthers can somehow pull off that deal, the team will go 10-6 or 11-5 & be in the wildcard hunt. If not, then they are looking at 8-8 or 9-7 & out of the playoffs. Flat out.

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