NBA Possibly Extending All-Star Break – Finally

The NBA is possibly taking the model of what baseball does with its all-star game – extending the weekend into a 7-day break for the 2014-15 season. Nothing is finalized as of now, but according to ESPN, the league is working on their season schedule with the 7-day break as a template. This would also mean that teams would get one more set of back-to-back games at some point during the season.

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This Adam Silver administration is shaking things up in the league right now. And I am a huge fan for sure.

The NBA All-Star Weekend is absolutely the most fun out of all the All-Star games out there & with having a 7-day break, it means more revenue into the cities that host the game in terms of restaurants, hotels, bars, nightclubs & such. It would also possibly mean that big stars would be willing to compete in some of the more high profile competitions such as the 3-point contest & the slam dunk competition, both competitions that have needed some big stars to participate & take the events to a higher level, the same way that they were in the 80s & 90s.

NBA All-Star Break
LeBron James has been a big advocate of the NBA having a 7-day break during the NBA All-Star Weekend.

In the 80s & 90s, it was nothing to see Michael Jordan take on Dominique Wilkins in a slam-dunk contest & tear down the house. It is NBA folklore that Larry Bird would always walk into the 3-point contest & tell everyone that they were playing for second place. Who the heck even does that anymore that any NBA fan or casual fan would care about!?!?!??!?!!

That’s right. No one.

People have been clamoring for LeBron James to get into the slam dunk contest. This could be the type of break that a big time star could use that would entice them to rest up a bit, get ready for the All-Star weekend activities & really be able to show out without damaging their bodies & giving them the opportunity to rest up before getting back into the grind of the NBA season.

Even if James or the other big stars of the NBA didn’t compete in all of the all-star weekend activities, it lends to a longer break during a grind of an NBA season. 82 games over the span of 7 months, not including playoffs, which is another 2 months, is an absolute grind on the body, the mind & on the players’ families. Having just that week in the middle of the season to go travel, unwind from basketball a bit & rest the body a bit will lend itself to some great basketball down the stretch run & will allow for players to have a bit more energy during the grind of the NBA playoffs & even the push to make the playoffs for many teams.

Sounds like Adam Silver is going to be the NBA Commissioner who is all about change & listening to the players. He made a big splash in the Donald Sterling ban, now possibly extending the All-Star break & a big TV deal coming up with possibly Turner Sports, Fox Sports, ESPN & other networks being involved.

The NBA has a slam dunk on their hands right now.



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