2014 WWE Survivor Series Preview – At Least Its Free

This weekend, the WWE is going to present to us the 2014 WWE Survivor Series on the WWE Network, which is completely free this month. When you see the card on this show, you probably realize why.

The WWE Survivor Series is very indicative of the current day WWE product – stale, boring & doing the exact same things again & again. The Survivor Series match itself tells quite a bit about the company – you have John Cena & his team against The Authority & WWE completely tipped its hand by saying that if Cena’s team loses, the team would be fired.

Well, considering that they can’t live without Cena & especially Dolph Ziggler on TV, this pretty much guarantees Cena’s team should win rather easily. Plus, with the rumors of Stephanie McMahon being pregnant, it would perfectly give she & her husband, Triple H, time to be off of television with Brock Lesnar scheduled to come back to TV soon & remind us all that he is the WWE World Champion, despite having not defended the championship since the Night of Champions event in September.

Stephanie McMahon
Could Survivor Series be the last time we see a lot of Stephanie McMahon for a while? Rumor has it she may be pregnant.

As for the rest of the card, there are 4 other matches that are really ways to just get guys on television & a check for being on PPV.

The Divas championship match between Nikki Bella & A.J. Lee should be interesting as Nikki should be the one who goes over & further her storyline with Brie Bella with the whole servant deal, which still has a few days left on the stipulation.

Nikki Bella
Nikki Bella should go over at WWE Survivor Series as the new WWE Divas Champion.
A.J. Lee
Should WWE DIvas Champion A.J. Lee leave WWE after Survivor Series, there will be a massive void of true female competitors in the company.

As it is shaping up, A.J. Lee could be leaving the WWE after the Survivor Series to be around more with her husband, former WWE Superstar C.M. Punk. If Lee does leave, a big void will need to be filled in the Divas division, which could be happening soon with some of the great NXT Divas that are doing great work down in Orlando.

The only other big event on the card that is worth really talking about is Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt. From a character standpoint, this should be a phenomenal contest, but oddly enough, its Wyatt that needs a fresh boost. His promos are still excellent, but all we have heard about is how he saved Luke Harper & Erick Rowan, which is fine & all, but there needs to be an evolution to his character in some drastic way.

Ambrose is the future of the WWE right now. He has the mic skills & has shown the ability to evolve his character much more. Ambrose will have many other opportunities to go big in the company, Wyatt absolutely needs to go over to reestablish himself in the ring, not just on the mic.

But right now, its very hard to get excited about the current WWE product. With so much emphasis on the WWE Network & making it the best that it can be, there has been a major disconnect with the audience & the programming, which the ratings have reflected. Its as if the WWE is telling everyone to forget watching what’s on right now & just go strictly to the WWE Network exclusively, which, admittedly, I have done much more of over the last few months because the Network has been absolutely outstanding & has constantly gotten better over time.

WWE NXT has been amazing; the show is arguably the #1 show in all of WWE right now, the vault content has been strong & the Monday Night War, WWE Rivalries, WWE Wrestlemania Rewind & the other random specials that end up on the Network have been absolutely remarkable.

But because WWE has put so much emphasis on the Network, which is the smart business move, WWE has let some of the current go away. Survivor Series is one of the major events of the fall & winter & essentially the “end of the year” show that helps get people ready for the next year & the Royal Rumble & road to Wrestlemania. This doesn’t feel like a major event – it feels like an event that I wouldn’t pay a lot of money to watch anyway, & that is a shame.

When you have many of your top stars – Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Brock Lesnar – not advertised for the card, that hurts the bottom line & the event loses much of its luster. Somehow WWE is going to have to circumvent this issue – but it may be too late to save this event card. If you want to see the rest of the Survivor Series card, check out Bleacher Report here.

At least its only $9.99 per month.

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