Review of 2014 NFL Regular Season Part 1

The DraftKingsMaster is finally back, & the NFL season is just about come to an end, with another great season having been played. The league has had a great season on the field, but unfortunately, has had a very rough season off of the field & has been taken through the mud with their PR & their overall image after the issues with domestic violence & the other situations that have made people wonder if the league is really taking care of its players.

Ray Rice Sheds Terrible Light on NFL After Domestic Abuse Incident.

The 2014 NFL season will be remembered for being talked about in the living rooms & bedrooms of millions of Americans after the Ray Rice/Janay Rice incident in which the former Baltimore Ravens running back Rice hit his then girlfriend & NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, for some reason, decided not to suspend Rice initially for his actions outside of a 2-game suspension. That did not sit well with the rest of society & for the first time, the society was able to strong arm the NFL into making the right decision.  But, in a weird way, it was a great situation from a nation standpoint because it was one of the first high profile situations that helped spark the conversation about this issue with families & children, thus figuring out ways to end this & to educate people early on the factors & risks that lead to these violent outbursts.


As for the Rice situation, the league ended up botching the situation even worse when Roger Goodell told the world that he didn’t see any of the tapes & that Rice was telling the truth about what information he told Goodell before he was suspended with the measly two games. An independent arbitrator eventually reinstated Rice into the league, but he has yet to be picked up by a team, & with being into his 30s now, his career could be ready to quickly fade away, as does many running backs with the physical style that Rice brings on a game in, game out basis.

It was at this point that we saw the first real breaks in the normally impenetrable armor of the NFL, but there was going to be more though.

Adrian Peterson Is Suspended For “Whooping” His Son

While the Ray Rice incident was getting hot & heavy, the next big story involved Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who was suspended & arrested for beating his son with a “switch”, leaving marks in various areas of his body. This incident, compared to the other situations, went virtually untouched as many parents defended Peterson’s actions, simply because many parents have disciplined their children the same way & were disciplined themselves the same way growing up.

Adrian Peterson
Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson was suspended during the 2014 NFL season due to being charged & arrested due to beating his son with a tree switch.

Peterson was suspended for the season, with pay, & again, the NFL shows to be botching this situation up as Peterson & the NFL Players Union are appealing the ruling that Peterson can’t be reinstated into the league until April 15, well after many of the top players are already signed with teams & because Peterson is a running back, his value will continue to go down if he is not retained by the Vikings. Peterson’s punishment would include a longer suspension later in the regular season, this time without pay, after he & his representatives came to an agreement that would have left him out of jail, which in the NFL’s eyes, meant that he wasn’t deemed innocent & he would be out of action.

However, new audio came out that showed that NFL executive Troy Vincent basically promised that if Peterson would comply with the league’s rules & advice on the matter, that he would only have a two game suspension & would be back on the field. Oh…….NFL…….

There was some great action ON the Field…..Then There Was Johnny Manziel.

On the NFL fields, the league talked all season about the Cleveland Browns & who would get the starts at quarterback, Brian Hoyer or rookie Johnny Manziel. Hoyer kept the Browns in playoff contention late into the season for the first time in many years, but the first time that Hoyer showed signs of slipping, the team went with Manziel, the first round pick, & that proved to be an unmitigated disaster.

Johnny Manziel
Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel has been one of the most talked about rookies to come into the NFL in many years. Unfortunately, this season showed that he has much to learn about being an NFL quarterback.

Manziel went 10-18 for 80 yards & 2 interceptions in his first start against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 15 & then showed that he was a bit better against the Carolina Panthers, before we saw the end of Johnny Football for the season due to his bad hamstring that he suffered in the second quarter of the game.

Manziel vs Hoyer will be a storyline that will go into the 2015 NFL season due to the fact that the Browns essentially threw away an opportunity to make the NFL playoffs this year & the question will be whether the team tries to trade Hoyer or Manziel or go with the two quarterback system in 2015.

Personally, Brian Hoyer truly gave the Browns the best chance to win games. Manziel even said himself that he has to take the NFL more seriously. If the first round quarterback pick wasn’t taking the lead seriously from the start, why in the world would a team draft him? Yes, he moves merchandise but he is losing the faith of the team with each bad outing.

He has had some brief moments of greatness this season, but that was typically because the teams didn’t gameplan for his skills. When there is time to learn how to get pressure on him & make him go outside of his comfort zone as a passer, we learned quickly that Manziel is nowhere near ready to be a franchise quarterback for any NFL team, let alone the Browns.

Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers Still The Elite.

At various points of the season, many different pundits on the different NFL shows all season talked about how Manning, Brady & Rodgers were all falling off, not being as good anymore & couldn’t lead their teams to victories the way they used to during their “hey day.”

Rodgers told people to relax, Brady just got mad & starting cussing people out & Manning calmed down, fizzled a bit during the end of the season, but all of these future Hall of Fame players have led their teams into the playoffs & possibly all into home field advantages.

Before people start writing off the elite & the proven players in the league & get ready to proclaim Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel & others ready for the throne, lets sit back & realize why these guys are some of the greatest to ever play the position……consistency & excellence under the pressure.

Part 2 coming on Sunday Night.