I’m Waiting For NBA Season To Get Interesting

No matter what the NBA TV people, ESPN, Fox or any other sports outlet says to you, this NBA season has been one of the most disappointing & boring ones in recent memory. Yet, its not actually the league’s fault.

This particular season has seen top players such as LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, & Carmelo Anthony sit out many games at once, making the star power – the main thing the NBA is built on – fade away & you realize that the league is full of very mediocre players.

While there have been some great stories such as the Atlanta Hawks & Golden State Warriors getting out to amazing starts & basically dominating the NBA Eastern & Western Conferences, they are not the superpowers that the fans are used to seeing on a regular basis. The Warriors are closer to being at that elite level by having Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson has emerging scorers & Curry is already considered one of the greatest shooters in the history of the NBA, but because the organization was down for so long & haven’t gone very far in the NBA playoffs consistently over the years, fans have a hard time really seeing them has an organization that is going to be a power for the long run.

For the Atlanta Hawks, the team has great young talent led by Al Horford, but from a viewer’s standpoint, you would think they were the worst team in the league. The city of Atlanta does not support its teams well, which is an absolute shame because the Hawks have been playing excellent basketball, but TV affiliates won’t put them on very often because the league is not visually appealing right now. Atlanta has shown over time that other than the Falcons, the city doesn’t do well with sports, including losing the Atlanta Thrashers in the NHL to Winnipeg, & the Atlanta Braves, one of the best teams in baseball history, are moving out to the suburbs in the next couple of years to hopefully bring more people into the ball park.

This is a situation working against one of the NBA’s top teams, everyone…………

The Los Angeles Lakers & Kobe Bryant are not helping matters.

This was the season when Kobe Bryant was supposed to be the main ticket to watch in Los Angeles at Lakers games. But injuries & just the fact that Kobe is probably pissed off that guys like “Swaggy P” Nick Young feel as though they are the main stars & shot makers & guys who are ready to take over from Bryant’s legacy.

That is not what fans pay big money to go to Staples Center to see. They may not see the Lakers win often, but they want to see the last two years, possibly, of Bryant’s HOF career not go to complete waste. No matter what anyone says, Bryant is not fully healthy from the ACL injury & initially came back too early & I thought that would have led to his retirement at that time, but he came back & has played pretty well, other injuries & bad team notwithstanding.

When the Lakers are bad though, its a tough situation all the way around. When Kobe is not around & not playing like his used to playing, its just exponentially awful & it hurts in one of the league’s marquee cities.

Phil Jackson, New York Knicks Have Become An Embarrassment.

When former Chicago Bulls & Los Angeles Lakers legendary coach Phil Jackson took over as President of Basketball Operations for the New York Knicks before the end of last year, people were hoping for a magical change & a rise in a franchise that has been very dormant for the last 15 years since their last NBA Finals appearance in 1999.

We talked about the Lakers above, & the Bulls are living up to their end of being an elite team in the East, but the Knicks are just absolutely falling apart more & more by the day. The team is 5-34 & has a current 16-game losing streak & they are about as bad to watch as they were in that Whoopi Goldberg movie, “Eddie.”

Jackson’s triangle isn’t working, Carmelo is barely healthy & there is absolutely no help around him to make the situation better & probably won’t be for the rest of this year. So, the NBA is about to have the Knicks, Celtics & Lakers not be competitive for playoff spots this coming year yet again. Awesome.

The Cleveland Cavs are not the NBA darlings the league thought they would be.

The Cavs, going back to the summer, were the most interesting story in all of sports because of LeBron James returning, Kevin Love coming to town & a new head coach in David Blatt, who has never coached in the United States before.

Cavs fans were not expecting a 19-20 start, neither were regular viewers of the league as a whole. Now, with rumors that Kevin Love could be traded or may choose to opt out of his deal at the end of the season & the players possibly not liking coach David Blatt, this is not the NBA & Cavs fans have wanted to watch.


Yes, the NBA is wide open this year with young players & teams that we haven’t seen at the top of the mountain recently so it creates a new buzz, but the product is very difficult to take in right this second. Please, lets hope for some more fluidity as we go through the second half of this NBA season? Can we get the new faces of the NBA to step up since the old guards are literally playing like their……….well…………old?