SuperBowl XLIX Preview – New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks

We have gotten to the SuperBowl in a very auspicious way. The Seattle Seahawks will look to defend their SuperBowl championship against the New England Patriots in SuperBowl XLIX on February 1 @ 6:00 on NBC.

SuperBowl XLIX
SuperBowl XLIX will feature the Seattle Seahawks vs the New England Patriots on February 1.

The Patriots & Seahawks are not surprises to be in the game, however, how they got to this point is extremely surprising. For the Seahawks, they overcame a 16-0 deficit at halftime, Russell Wilson willing to look worse than armchair quarterbacks in that he threw 3 interceptions & was 2 for 9 for 8 yards with a quarterback rating of 0 in the first half, only to come back in the second half, have a perfect quarterback rating & lead the team to one of the greatest comebacks in the history of the NFL.

The Seahawks ran hard with Marshawn Lynch in the 4th quarter, had a fake field goal go for a touchdown & one of the best onside kick setups ever, especially after the bad coaching strategies of Packers head coach Mike McCarthy.

For the Patriots, it was business as usual. They beat up the Indianapolis Colts at the line of scrimmage & physically imposed their will on the Colts again & again, & by the time the middle of the third quarter came, school was out & the celebration was on to get to a championship.

And here we are. SuperBowl XLIX. The defending champions who feel disrespected against the long-time powers who are looking to get back to dominance in the NFL.

Coaching: Seattle Seahawks Pete Carroll vs New England Patriots Bill Belichick.

Pete Carroll was the last coach of the New England Patriots before Belichick was hired after one day with the New York Jets. Carroll has had success at USC & with the Seahawks for many reasons, but mainly because the players will run through a wall for him.

Carroll is a master motivator, no question about it. His positive thinking that he brings to his teams, evne though he is an older coach, is exceptional & contagious. He lets the Seahawks players be themselves, often using the us vs the world mentality as motivation for success.

Bill Belichick is far more calmer & is more deliberate as a coach. You won’t see him jumping around & such, but he is one of the most aggressive coaches in all of sports & will try all kinds of different tricks to get ahead, all the way to the idea that the NFL is investigating the Patriots for possibly deflating balls to have a better grip & advantage during gameplay in the AFC Championship game.

Belichick has 3 SuperBowl championships to his name & 8 appearances in the game – Carroll is a defending champion, but he is going up against basically the master. This match up is going to be a no-brainer.

Advantage: Patriots.

Seattle Seahawks Offense vs New England Patriots Offense

The Seahawks offense for the last two years, has not been one of the best in the NFL. The team has one of the best young quarterbacks in the game in Russell Wilson & one of the running backs in the game in Lynch, but the overall offense is not consistent enough to go up against a high power Patriots attack.

The team won against the Packers on Sunday because of the trick play on special teams & that Lynch couldn’t be stopped in the 4th quarter. Wilson completed the championship play to Jermaine Kearse but it was Kearse’s only catch of the game & 4 other times that Wilson targeted him, the plays led to interceptions & led to Wilson having a quarterback rating of 0.0 in the first half of the game. The Patriots gameplan will surely be to let Wilson beat them with his arm & while he is truly able to throw the ball downfield, the Seahawks don’t have the weapons to keep up with a B-level Patriots offense.

If the Seahawks offense is as bad as it showed in the NFC Championship Game, winning put aside, this game will not be competitive in the least. The Patriots are going to be what they are – a dominant offense led by one of the best field generals in history in Tom Brady.

Even though the Seattle defense is among the elite of all time, The Patriots will do their best to stay away from Richard Sherman & Earl Thomas. The team will work well in going with the intermediate passing game & will use the short passing game as an extension of the running game, so expect LeGarrette Blount to get quick a few screen passes thrown his way to go along with a bruising running game to bring the safeties into the box, opening up throwing lanes for Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman & Brandon LaFell.

This offensive battle will also go to the Patriots. The Seahawks gain timely points, but the Patriots are far more consistent.

Seattle Seahawks Defense vs New England Patriots Defense

This is a matchup that is completely in the hands of the Seattle Seahawks. If Sherman & Thomas are healthy from their injuries they suffered in the NFC Championship game, this team will be back to the top of the NFL in terms of making big plays.

No quarterback wants to throw at Sherman right now & the Legion of Boom is bringing major energy to the field against opposing quarterbacks. Kam Chancellor is one of the best safeties in all of the NFL right now & will be able to be one of the few safeties, along with the rest of the Seahawks secondary, that can read Brady’s eyes & watching his signals close enough to anticipate about 50% of where he is going to spread the ball.

An area where the Seahawks aren’t always given credit is in the front 7, which can get after a team’s offense quickly. In the NFC playoffs, the team faced two players in Cam Newton from the Carolina Panthers & Aaron Rodgers from the Packers who were quarterbacks that could move well in the pocket & took them down quickly. The team won’t have nearly as tough a time with Brady, who compared to the other two quarterbacks listed, is mostly immobile.

The Patriots defense has been greatly improved this season with the addition of shutdown cornerback Darrelle Revis & along with Brandon Browner (former Seahawk) on the other side of the field, will be great shutdown players against Seahawks receivers who are average at best. The front seven has been solid all season long, but no matter what, the Seahawks are going to have the defensive advantage far and away. Belichick & Brady will have a challenge in learning how to shift guys around to confuse the Seahawks unit for a bit to get the midlevel passing game going.

SuperBowl Prediction

New England Patriots are looking to get back to the top of the mountain. Brady doesn’t have much time left in the league & probably neither does Belichick. The Seahawks aren’t going anywhere, especially with Russell Wilson & Pete Carroll at the helm. The SuperBowl is going to be a fun game, but it will go to the Patriots – 31-20.

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